By imgonnadie - 07/09/2014 15:11 - United States - Spring Hill

Today, I'm staying with my grandma and her older sister while my parents are away. It's been two hours and so far they've popped vicodins, talked about banging Alex Trebek, and had a farting contest. FML
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Once again, I really need a 'that actually sounds ******* awesome' button. FML and YDI aren't cutting it when it comes to cool grannies.

That's why they are called the golden years.

Agreed. Your grandma & her sis sound like BAMFs. This FML reminded me of Grandma's Boy, after they got into Sophie's tea.

Jessj958 19

They party hard. Wish i had that type of party in me

My grandma just bitches about politics and gets mad at my grandpa for no reason. OP you have it good.

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Peter Griffin & Michael Moore accept this challenge...

Right? Sounds good to me. T grandma refers to ketchup and sennep (which is Norwegian for mustard) as ketchup and penis. She tells us we'll eat catholics for dinner instead of koteletter (meaning pork chops). And she calls popcorn "cockporn". Still cool grandparenting in my book - as long as it's intended with humor I don't see the problem.

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It's not so bad as long as your grandma won the farting contest!

How would that make OP's situation any better?

euphoricness 28

I hadn't realized how seriously people take FML lately. Oh well lol

It was a stupid comment from the get go. "Serious" or not.

I would've Gone and chilled in the back yard during their contest.

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39- I see you have no profile picture. Might I suggest Buzzkillington from Family Guy.

41, that reminded me of the "Kitchen counsellor here" commercials.

Well thats awkward. Just think every hour you tolerate it is one less hour to spend there.

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i know how time works. im saying every hour that goes by youre closer to going home.

I would invest in a face mask. You never know when that fart will turn into something else.

They may be old. But they know how to have fun!