By Iarla_ceapaire93 - 16/06/2015 17:27 - Ireland - Dublin

Today, I went to the gym to try to get into shape. While I was running on the treadmill, my beer belly pushed against the emergency stop button, twice. FML
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One time I went to the gym. I heard the sound of clapping and got so excited. Turns out it was just my thighs.

Shadowinthesun 15

At least your trying and that's what counts. Don't listen to all the negativity.


Sounds like a sign

A sign to what? Go to the gym? Moron.

Sorry OP. Try a bike instead :)

I was going to add, why not try running outdoors? Nice scenery and no buttons to worry about (: I personally love running through suburban streets or through a park. And it's also easier to make goals. Like, keep running until the end of the block. Or until the last tree. You'll get there!

#58, personally, I disagree. I've found that it's easier to run on a treadmill because you go a constant speed and you don't subconsciously slow down. And there can be mile markers like I'm not going to walk until half a mile. Also, there is always a reason to not go outside that day (too hot, too cold, raining, etc.).

praesidiem 16

I prefer running on all fours, dressed in a tutu and barking at people. But to each their own I suppose!

if the belly is big enough to stop it, running could be bad for you. a bike would be nicer to the knees in that case...

Well now you have a goal! Get through a workout without stopping the treadmill.

Wasn't Fat Bastard Scottish?

What does Fat Bastard have to do with this? OP is Irish ;)

lol, never mind.

Just stop working out. It's better that way. 'Merica.

OP is from Ireland.

Although he probably didn't in fact realize Op was from Ireland, logically his comment would still make sense as in "try it our way instead, the fat ass way, the American way."

One time I went to the gym. I heard the sound of clapping and got so excited. Turns out it was just my thighs.

Did you keep going for the encores?

Of course made me realize how in shape I was. Round is a nice shape.

I guess that's just how you roll.

Thats called self encouragement :)

You say it like its a bad thing...

That was an fml a while ago. It is possible that you're the author...

Iamnotfat 16

Either you have a great sense of humour, or you're trolling.. Either one, it's funny regardless

evank98 10

All the more reason to keep working. And at least you're trying, lots of people just straight up don't care.

C'mon, I'm sure it's not that bad. You have a new goal now, then! We believe in you OP :)

Just all the more reason to go to the gym. Don't give up and keep working hard!

If your beer belly gets in the way you probably shouldn't be running on a treadmill. Try a bike or a rowing machine instead for a while. That said, congratulations on taking that first step towards your new self.

Thats when you press the start button again