By Rari - 09/06/2016 16:04 - United States - Phoenix

Today, I broke up with my fiancé after he cheated on me, and he now refuses to move out of the apartment. I'm even contemplating just offering him my Xbox One as a bribe so I can get him out of my life for good. FML
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He'll have to sleep sometime. When he does, move his ass outside and lock the door.

It's moments like these I'd heavily consider the possibility that I'm living inside a Microsoft ad, OP.


Good luck OP! Hope you get this settled quickly (without losing your Xbox) Best wishes!

When you try to get tc but fail

Or maybe I was just trying to be nice?

He'll have to sleep sometime. When he does, move his ass outside and lock the door.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

Or just call the cops and explain your situation. They should be able to do something about it.

shepardkinz 19

If his name is on the lease, they can't legally do anything.

Lol if he has a key, simply locking the door won't do much.

Are you suggesting moving them while they're asleep? They would wake up

So heavily sedate them :D

Not if they're a heavy sleeper they won't. Of course, I don't know that, I was just making a suggestion based upon what I knew.

"Hello, police? The person legally renting the apartment with me is refusing to move out!" I somehow doubt it would work.

NEVER GIVE AWAY THE XBOX! Are you insane?! Xbox always loved you!

It's true. Xbox is always there for you.

Xbox is always there, it's happy to do whatever you want to do, it's turned on whenever you initiate "playtime". Why would you even consider giving it away? This is why gamers are known to be loners. We got the perfect partner right at home!

possomman 10

You can also just call the police like a normal person...

If he is living there legally, there isn't anything they can or should do. If he is in fact on the lease, and OP wants out so badly, they might be the one who has to leave.

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#84 I swear you're sucking dick in your profile pic.

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even if he wasn't if he has been live there for a couple months they can't. There have been many people who go to a summer home or leave for a few months and come back to find a stranger living there. the cops can't force them out and the owners lost the lawsuits. it really sucks

Dang, next time hes at work, plan for a locksmith to change the locks.

Punkpoptart1119 20

Are you allowed to change the locks when you live in an apartment?

No, you're not.

Sometimes you can. For instance, if there's a lock you need to get into the building, plus another lock for your actual apartment, you can often change the lock for the apartment but not the building.

Surely that's not legal, right? Besides, it's your house. Kick him out.

Nowhere is it stated that op owns the house. It's probably owned by the two of them. In that case, there's nothing that can be done.

True, we don't know enough. Let's hope for a follow-up!

ABlindMan 17

It's pretty safe to assume they're both legally owners of it if they were living together and going to get married. Since OP had to consider bribing him to leave, it's again safe to assume that they're both owners, else OP would simply call the cops and have him removed.

As much as it sucks, it's probably time to start looking for another place- it's pretty obvious your now-ex doesn't much care about you or your desires.

Why should she leave her own house?

OP never says it's her house.

It is an apartment so she just has a lease. And if his name is on it too, he has every right to stay there.

He forfeited his rights when he cheated.

Not legally he didn't. Even if he is an ass.

If he doesn't pay rent for the apartment, you have the right to kick him out. If not, you should look for a new place, unfortunately.

For the love of God call the cops!

Considering it's not actually legal to just kick someone out without evicting them, OP can't just move him and his things out. Since OP said "the apartment", how stuck she is would depend on if both their names are on the lease. If both names, and rent is up to date, she can't kick him out and neither can the complex. She would have to talk to them about what she can do to move out herself.

If her name is on it too, she has equal right to be there. She can just make his life a living hell until he moves out to be with his back alley ho.

Yes, she does have equal right to be there. I didn't say she doesn't. But, since he is refusing to leave, she might not have any choice but to move out herself.