By fmjob - 21/07/2009 04:39 - Canada

Today, I finally told my parents I would be changing bedrooms because I could no longer stand hearing them having sex, which is awkward and disturbing. Later, my dad came and asked me quietly if I thought my mom sounded "satisfied." FML
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Indeed haha! I laughed hard when I read that FML! ;D

I didn't laugh, I was mortified. When my dad and his woman have sex, you hear it throughout the building. They're in the first floor with the door closed, I'm in the second with the door closed. @OP, you're lucky you can just switch rooms... FYL, horrid parents.

horrid parents? his dad is ******* hilarious.

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today my parents had sex and I called child services for having horrid parents, I'm now in a. group home and my parents.need to now attend court, fml.

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he isn't ******* hilarious... he was ******* his wife

wow, your dad isn't very confident about himself is he? btw fyl

Whahahaha. Best FML this week :D Fav'd. And yeah, I agree with #2, eww!

That's the creepiest thing I've ever read.

I find it hard to believe a dad would really ask his daughter that.

Me too, but on the other hand, this is beyond everything you could make up, so therefore I believe it :|

BEHOLD! A new "How do I shot web?" has born!

Hahaha one of the funniest FMLs I've read this week. Wow does ur life suck dude