By whoneedsdumbcars - 14/08/2009 08:29 - United States

Today, at a restaurant, I noticed a really hot girl leaving with her friend. A few minutes later they came back, laughing uncontrollably, and announced that some moron forgot to put on their parking brake and the car was rolling into the full parking lot. It was my car. They watched me chase it. FML
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Ouch! Haha my mom did that one time and I was still in the car! It was so scary!


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Today,while coming out of a restaurant,I saw a car running over a dog in a parking lot. After reaching home I realized that the dog was mine.fml |^^|

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Same. You'd think you would remember to put on the brakes.... I just see it in my head!!

Do you have a movie screen in your head? NO YOU DON"T so I BET you DON"T see it IN YOUR HEAD!! Ididoso

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why wuld they go back in???

At least a hot girl noticed you, OP. I guess that's a step in the right direction?

Ouch! Haha my mom did that one time and I was still in the car! It was so scary!

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Were you on a boat ramp at the time?

Not necessarily if he had been astute he would have been able to turn it into a conversation with the hot girl.

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Sheesh, male drivers! See how generalizations never accomplish anything? Regardless of your gender, pay attention to your vehicle. YDI, son.

YDI for eating in a restaurant

YDI for being a useless driver

Why is my FML red? and how do I get rid of it. OP = Pure genius. Possible Darwin Award nominee one day

FML is being retarded. I've been trying to post a reply to you. Maybe this one will work. You can't. It's an ad for a movie and will be gone in a couple days.

Don't use the R word.

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That is hilarious!! rofl

At least you got their attention.

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I'm sorry but rofl. this is a fail and again I'm sorry but YDI... god this is retarded though D:

I really think the girls are irrelevant. The car rolling away is an FYL with a YDI. I notice that it's embarrassing because ANYONE saw you, but the fact they were hot girls (who were walking out anyway) isn't really a necessary detail. So like I said, FYL/YDI both.