Today, while undergoing the cumbersome task of screwing the tiny silver ball onto my lip piercing, I clumsily dropped it onto the counter and watched it bounce into the trash can, where it nestled snugly into a used maxi pad. FML

By akieferr / Wednesday 3 September 2014 02:41 / United States
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  xSLEEPYxHEADx  |  20

Happens to the best of us OP. But for future, try doing it over the sink and put a washcloth over the drain, that's what i do and i hardly lose any lip ring balls anymore. ;)

  JMichael  |  25

Until it made it's way to the city dump.

By  rileyrae  |  11

Now u can be the next Giovanna plowman

By  PerditaDessa  |  38

Don't think Listerine would fix that. All piercings should come with spare balls.

  imagineapc  |  11

The blood that comes from your uterus is not much different than the blood that came out of the hole when it was pierced. Dish soap and hot water are enough to sanitize this, even more so Listerine or rubbing alcohol.

  PerditaDessa  |  38

Oh, it'd be sanitary but that doesn't mean it'd be fixed. Even if it were the last ball I had I wouldn't put one back on my mouth from there. Especially since OP doesn't say it was their pad.

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