By akieferr - 03/09/2014 02:41 - United States

Today, while undergoing the cumbersome task of screwing the tiny silver ball onto my lip piercing, I clumsily dropped it onto the counter and watched it bounce into the trash can, where it nestled snugly into a used maxi pad. FML
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LouisvilleLuke 10

That's a bloody shame, mate

Oh gosh. I guess you could try either wrapping them in toilet paper or getting a lid for your trashcan.


Oh gosh. I guess you could try either wrapping them in toilet paper or getting a lid for your trashcan.

5 second maxi pad rule

you learn from your mistakes im sure she wont make that mistake again.

I definitely need a lid for my trash can. Can't count the number of earrings I've dropped in there, some, yes, on pads...

FYL, OP. I keep a small container with several different sizes of those damn balls because I drop so many of them. I would have definitely left that one in the trash.


Happens to the best of us OP. But for future, try doing it over the sink and put a washcloth over the drain, that's what i do and i hardly lose any lip ring balls anymore. ;)

LouisvilleLuke 10

That's a bloody shame, mate

the Australian is strong with this one

You should feel ashamed for that pun! lmfao!

At least you know where it went? Those things are pretty darn small...

iLike2Teabag 27

Where it lived happily ever after.

JMichael 25

Until it made it's way to the city dump.

One_In_Three 24

#28 don't crush dreams :(

rileyrae 11

Now u can be the next Giovanna plowman

NotGabe 28

... Who?

The girl who sucked on a tampon for attention 2 years ago

was it used?


tony1891 22

thats just ******* gross. what people will do for fame i swear.

That was already two years ago? Jesus Christ where has life gone..

PerditaDessa 38

Don't think Listerine would fix that. All piercings should come with spare balls.

RedPillSucks 31

call me naive, but why wouldn't listerene or some alcohol swab be enough to sterilize it?

imagineapc 11

The blood that comes from your uterus is not much different than the blood that came out of the hole when it was pierced. Dish soap and hot water are enough to sanitize this, even more so Listerine or rubbing alcohol.

But the truth will always haunt OP.

@48 the doesn't say it was ops pad tho.

PerditaDessa 38

Oh, it'd be sanitary but that doesn't mean it'd be fixed. Even if it were the last ball I had I wouldn't put one back on my mouth from there. Especially since OP doesn't say it was their pad.

Losing studs and backings is so annoying, but to know to it's so close yet so disgustingly far away is even worse


Ugh. I sympathize with you, OP. Can't tell you how many of my lip ring studs have fallen into something gross or just fell into oblivion never to be seen again.

DKjazz 20

I like the look and everything, but man, it sure looks like a big hassle.

That is some gross imagery there, OP. Definitely get some new metal balls.

I have balls of steel