By Tallow101 - 23/07/2009 07:10 - United States

Today, I asked my parents to sign for me to enlist in the military. They asked me how much money the government gives them if I die. FML
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XCarCrashHeartsX 0

Dang, man that's ****** up.

Well, that is a reasonable question, you are putting your life at stake...


XCarCrashHeartsX 0

Dang, man that's ****** up.

ElliexMarie 0

Hm . Well think on the brightside ! Just because they asked that doesn't necessarily mean they want you to die . Maybe they just wanted to know , But thanks for serving our country , (:

I think this is your parents' way of saying they don't want you to enlist.

stat 0

you dont have to make them your benifitiary

myfishisBOBA 0

Before you run off and try to enlist, just think about what you are putting your life on the line for. I was on track for the AF academy but I dropped my nomination and didn't bother applying after learning more about government. A family friend joined to pay for college when he was eighteen. He was only twenty when he came back. It was a closed-casket funeral. Politicians are in it for themselves, they don't care about the average citizen. Look at what they have done to our economy and our country. What they have planned for the military is not something people should be fighting for. Why should Americans die for some politician's arrogance? They are sending good people out to do their dirty work. War doesn't prove who is right. It determines who is left.

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too right mate YLIF OP

do you honestly think you won't die?

i think its a pretty fair question . .

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164-- I agree. that's my philosophy, and I would only be in the military if we were getting invaded. although it would be more likely that we get drafted

I love all the whiners that try to dissuade others from joining. if you are truly successful, do you think all the people that want to kill you and your family without even knowing you are going to realize that peace and acceptance is better? Or will those who want to rule the world finally be able to? You can obviously read in English. Thank a Soldier for that, and move your pussy ass along.

It's a legitimate question

Well, that is a reasonable question, you are putting your life at stake...

thisplacesucks93 2

Yea but it's kind of inappropriate for parents to ask their kids

XCarCrashHeartsX 0

What does "YDI" mean? Does "OP" mean operator?

"YDI" is "You Deserved It." "OP" is "Original Poster." OP: It's a legitimate question, and it may be a coping mechanism, so humor your parents.

XCarCrashHeartsX 0

Thank you.

YDI = you deserved it (or sometimes: ya dumb idiot) op = original poster

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because he/she is emo/scene and they think it's cute.

#128- for your info, they are not just scene or emo. that name just shows they're a fan of fall out's from one of their songs. OP: find out why they want to know. if it's just being prepared, say, to pay for your possible funeral, that's just them thinking ahead. otherwise, they just suck at life and being parents. it's one thing to want to be's a whole other thing to not support what your child wants to do. it's your decision. For all of the comments against the war and this person enlisting: it's not up to anyone but the OP what they choose to do, and it's not right for anyone to try to sway them either way. They need to do what they feel is best for them. It's a PERSONAL decision, and politics should not come into it.

Long live the car crash hearts, cry on the couch 'til the poets come to life. Fix me in 45

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ydi: you deserve it n op: original poster or that's what I've always thought

It means You deserved it

They may have been trying to give you a wake-up call that enlisting in the military during an unwinnable war isn't all banners and glory. Or, they could just be greedy pricks. Your call.

That's what I was thinking. They were trying to make the point that you could die and just be a statistic.

we all ready won the damn war and by the way we were fighting Neo Nazis in Germany for years after WWII ended so anti insurgency war isn't new nor is it "unwinnable"

Carlyyy 0

Well...How much money do they get?

bleh993 0


$400,000 is the average.

WOAH! If ever there's a reason to have kids, that's it

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$400,000...or whatever life insurance policy you sign up for.

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Oh srs? I'll sign my kids up.

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Considering the circumstances, it's a reasonable question, especially if they didn't ask it right was bound to come up somehow. I think you're being too harsh on the parents. Their child just told them they'd like to throw themselves in the line of fire.

Not all military careers involve getting shot at on the frontlines.

God! Looks like your parents either want you to die or don't think that you'll last in the military. Must admit, your life is ******.