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  bizarre_ftw  |  21

Your fighting skills don't do your profile justice -____- and your conversation and observation skills - as you say weren't trying to be funny - are saddening
Word of advice, don't continue to try and defend yourself when it's obvious your comment was subpar, just call it a dumb moment and move on

  ManBroSkiGirl  |  10

And what I ment was that it's a good thing the text does not explain what it smells like because then you would imagine it. Usually when you imagine a smell then you can actually mentally smell it. Now please, stop hating me.

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

Kinky as in it sounds like the plot of Incest is the Best title type of porn. The mom should have read them to her daughter and skip the intimate details. But then there would be no porn plot! Ahhhh lol

  brackaman  |  18

No 39 actually you're right. I've had multiple girls smell me beforehand to check not for cleanliness but for if I was cheating on them. Funny thing was they were only so insecure because they in fact were cheating...

  starflyer59  |  17

um no, she's checking because, oh I dunno, maybe it smells like pee? ya know, considering pee comes out of there. it has absolutely nothing to do with cheating. it makes your breath smell like you guzzle pee.

  onlychildFTW  |  33

Who doesn't like clean meat? She must like the manly smell that comes off of it. But kinky is what makes sexual experiences more fun. If everyone liked the same it's be like sex with all your ex's over and over with new people