By lisahb - 19/06/2012 22:16 - United States - Detroit

Today, my mom took me to dinner. She told me about an argument that she and her boyfriend had, and she showed me the texts. While reading, I learned that she smells his dick before sucking it. FML
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Does she kiss you with that mouth? Yuck!

God I have learnt more weird sex fetish behavior on FML this week than ever before! Keep up the good work everyone!!


Good thing you can't smell through eyes. You'd be in trouble.

I see what you did there, because there are so many dicks around? Idk xD

Partly, now that I think about it. Haha..

TheElderTROLLZ 15

For the love of god, don't quit your day job. Comedy is not for you.

Chad, you are very mean and angry (judging from your profile) for a Brony. I am also from Australia and have never come a across a Brony before!

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Ok let me try to get this. Did you mean good thing you can't smell through eyes as in the text she was looking at. That way she wouldn't have to catch a whiff?

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-53 Yeah I hadn't come across a brony, until my sister told me about them, I didn't believe her, well I didn't want to.

emagurl 6

You'd be surprised by how many there. Living in secret. >:D

I realize this... even though I wasn't trying to be funny in the first place.

bizarre_ftw 21

Your fighting skills don't do your profile justice -____- and your conversation and observation skills - as you say weren't trying to be funny - are saddening Word of advice, don't continue to try and defend yourself when it's obvious your comment was subpar, just call it a dumb moment and move on

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73- not trying to be mean, but maybe instead of trying to defend yourself, why don't you explain what you meant by your first comment?

Fine it was a dumb moment. Sorry not everyones as perfect as you people who decide to others down.

And what I ment was that it's a good thing the text does not explain what it smells like because then you would imagine it. Usually when you imagine a smell then you can actually mentally smell it. Now please, stop hating me.

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Maybe manbro should stop commenting? She might d/c with all her negatives.

Does anyone else smell **** in the air? Oh, wait, that's Chad_the_Brony.

Kinky as in it sounds like the plot of Incest is the Best title type of ****. The mom should have read them to her daughter and skip the intimate details. But then there would be no **** plot! Ahhhh lol

Doesn't everyone smell bef.. Forget I said that. Walk away now. Disregard this comment.

No 39 actually you're right. I've had multiple girls smell me beforehand to check not for cleanliness but for if I was cheating on them. Funny thing was they were only so insecure because they in fact were cheating...

Not that kinky really. She is only doing what every guy does at the bellybutton, trying figure out if it's safe to go all in.

Sorry, not kinky the OP's mom is crazy and possessive. She's checking if he's cheating. If she doesn't trust her bf she should break up with him.

um no, she's checking because, oh I dunno, maybe it smells like pee? ya know, considering pee comes out of there. it has absolutely nothing to do with cheating. it makes your breath smell like you guzzle pee.

When I read this I laughed because I remembered the song "smell yo dick" :D

Does she kiss you with that mouth? Yuck!

I wonder if you learned what it smelled like

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No, she kisses with a completely different mouth.

Nothing is better than dick kisses from your mom Dx FYL

RedPillSucks 31

Actually, when her mom kisses her, it's like OP is giving second hand blow jobs. You know that stuff can cause cancer.

crap, this was meant for the one above. stupid fat fingers of mine.

Who doesn't like clean meat? She must like the manly smell that comes off of it. But kinky is what makes sexual experiences more fun. If everyone liked the same it's be like sex with all your ex's over and over with new people

God I have learnt more weird sex fetish behavior on FML this week than ever before! Keep up the good work everyone!!

6, Which weird sex fetishes have you learned? I'm curious as to what you think is weird?

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She smelled his dick to see if he cheated on her... Don't you watch Tosh.O?

FMLshark 12

30, sticking an iPhone up a girl's ******, for one. I'd consider that a pretty weird fetish learned from FML.

bizarre_ftw 21

51 - I'd consider that creative in lieu of a vibrator

7, Shouldn't you be saying, "He's lucky he gets bjs"? Your comment sounds like you don't like bjs.

43, I concur. I mean, how else would he know it sucks to suck? lol

bizarre_ftw 21

I don't believe all people dislike giving them

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I'm thumbing you down juat because of your avatar.

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I bet your eyes are bleeding now. Its bad enough you had to read that. I just hope your brain didn't give you an unwanted visual image.

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Of course it did! Poor thing...

Ooooh my Gosh! I feel for you OP! EW EW EW EW EEEEWWWWW!!!!!!!!

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Not having hot dogs for dinner are you?

Well that's better than learning she regretted not smelling it beforehand