By Anonymous - 20/07/2010 10:12 - United Kingdom

Today, while driving through town, I was distracted by a pretty girl walking on the nearby pavement and accidentally rear-ended the car in front of me. Not only did the pretty girl witness the crash and give a statement, it turned out she was a very feminine man. FML
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Maybe the pretty dude will let you rear-end him.


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Hahahaha This is one of my favorite FMLs!!

Were you paying attention to the road, or were you looking at the "woman" in the red dress.

OP- Ouch, at least you didn't hit on her? FYL...

26- isn't yaoi the jap word for boy love / gay manga? I have a cousin who obsessively watches that stuff. :/

Right.... your cousin.... because he would tell you he watches yaoi face to face.... How the hell did I get into this conversation.

sounds like someones repressed homosexual feelings are being unearthed

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hey look I can reply to the first comment too!

it could have been worse... it could have been and old man without teeth haha!

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That's a funny story to tell your friends haha. "Yeah I crashed my car eyeing up a really cute dude. But not in a gay way."

aren't really feminine men that aren't gay called metro sexual?

DarkHelmet 10

Metro Sexual is about 3 millimeters from gay on the sex classification scale so that pretty much ='s GAY!!

38 he or she didn't specify a sex for their cousin or themselves if I recall. so yeah, you're going on assumptions here kid.

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I've totally done that before. it makes your day just ten times worse!

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Would be comical if his insurance company made him fill out a "No ****" form.

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hahahha!! best fml i've read in a while!

damn op that blows, 90.. best pic iv seen um awhile

jdawgg92 1

haha. just like that Progressive insurance commercial

66: That depends on your definition of feminine. Metrosexuals are typically quite concerned with their looks, and pay lots of attention to style and grooming. Sometimes it includes their hobbies and interests too, like a concern for the style of their atmosphere, eg their home's decor.

rallets 22

dude looks like a lady, yeah! yeah!

36- is your cousin a guy or a girl? Yaois are good in moderation, as long as they're not hardcore...eugh..

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wow dude you crashed your car staring down a man. That is so GAY!!! 

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Well did you still like shim.?

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Sounds like the SA commerical

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Lol. that sounds like you saw a Bill Kaulitz...

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hey today you learned you liked feminine dudes, learn something new everyday