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Today, I was dragged to a Super Bowl party. While there, the host's kid threw 3 cups of apple sauce at my feet, which then exploded and covered my jeans. 10 minutes later, the host's wife announced that she was pregnant with twins. All I could come up with was, "You're making more!?" FML
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Trust me, you were only saying what everyone else was thinking.

The difference between a good kid and a bad kid is a good parent who isn't afraid to say "no".


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Shawty had them apple bottom jeans (jeans)...

She got the boots with the fur (with the fur)...

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24 how is 13's comment irrelevant if its part of the the song 12 was singing

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...And the whole club was looking at hurr.

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... SHORTY GOT LOW LOW LOW LOW (to wipe off the apple sauce)


The way you put it may have been a bit uncouth, but I'd have to agree with the sentiment. Children are demonic little creatures.

They're not all like that, it all goes down to manners. And would you say you were once a demonic little creature?

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Good thing your parents didn't agree, huh?

Okay... children of parents who do not want to do their job as parents are demonic little creatures. The fact that this child would throw something at someone (especially an adult guest of their parents) three times doesn't exactly give the impression of parents who raise and discipline their children properly.

Although, if the kid was a baby or a toddler, the throwing could be excused.

Hey! I'm a kid and I'm not demonic. Evil, maybe, but not demonic!

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26- The parents should know better than to give a baby or toddler packs of applesauce if they aren't old enough to know not to throw them.

Little kids throw all kinds of food. Are you suggesting that the parents don't feed their kids until they are old enough to eat respectfully?

71 - I'll suggest that if they throw applesauce at a guest, they don't get a second OR third applesauce! And they get fed away from guests.

Trust me, you were only saying what everyone else was thinking.

And sometimes, what everyone else's thinking must be said.

It was slightly rude yet hilarious in context. Not sure everyone else could've done the same.

It's times like these when a simple 'congrats' should work fine. (I understand your frustrations though, man.)

It's apple sauce. It'll wash out. But perhaps there should have been a better plan for the little one during the party. (Bedtime, maybe?)

well she clearly hasn't taught her children how to treat adults, so imagine how much less of a grip she'd have with two infants and three children.

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It was one child and three cups.

2 Babies on the way, 1 child, and 3 cups of apple sauce. There, no more confusion..

I think I might've said something a little more offensive if that happened to me. They should teach their kids to behave before having more.

Me too, for sure. Something like, "If you're too incompetent to handle one, how are you going to handle three?" might have come out of my mouth.

Some people are just ridiculous like that. Look at the 19 kids and counting family. I'm not even sure if they still have 19!

At least those kids are well behaved though, usually.

Yes they still have 19, she was pregnant with the 20th baby, but she had a miscarriage.

It's a pity that your feet explosed and covered your jeans.

Quite. Such diligent perseverance to worry of the bitches soon to arrive kin and not of OP's health.

Your response is epic, OP. the apple sauce will wash out, the statement will remain forever in the comeback-hall-of-fame. In the end you win.