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Today, for the first time all month I felt truly proud and accomplished. I finally figured out how to change the toilet seat. FML
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just cuzz they are changing it doesnt really mean its broken...maybe they want the soft ones...

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haha sitting on the pot smoking pot all day

just cuzz they are changing it doesnt really mean its broken...maybe they want the soft ones...

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I like how if they comment first it's bad but of they comment a real comment it gets thumbs just wow

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Wow, people need to stop getting so defensive over fat jokes.

wow youre really dumb and gullable.. talk about being trolled big time!

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I hate it when the broken toilet seat bites your know what I'm talking about!

Now this is what I don't get...why do people always have to mention pot in comments? It's not something cool, it's stupid and there's no point to it just like fat jokes there stupid. You push someone so far as to commit suicide.

keevarou you changed your hair, tired of being called curt cobain??

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Lol your a woman and you fixed a toliet seat without a man that is an acomplishment that goes to show women really don't need men for everything!

lol i remember my first time learning how a screwdriver works...

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you only change them if it's broke. if it ain't broke don't fix it. Lol.

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Proud?; accomplish?;toilet seat?; figured out?; Bitch, what you doing outside the kitchen? You ass better be proud in accomplishing after finally figuring out how to make that perfect sandwich before I get back home and make yo' reconize, ho!

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I thought you were supposed to change your toilet seat every once and a while.. that's what my parents do. they actually just changed them the other day. ._.

You're supposed change the toilet seat every time you take a dump.

You can, but they have to want to change.

whoa whoa now! what is even a toilet?

you don't change it only if it's broken! sometimes they're just plain ugly or old looking and you want a new one. cheaper than getting a full new toilet !

2 - I hope you were being sarcastic... If not, you're making us blondes look even more stupid than we're already steryotyped as.

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Good for you, now change to paper roll. :p

We've got a toilet seat that can be disconnected for cleaning purpose. Never heard of a seat where you can actually change the seat.

Once again I just have to say it........your an idiot.

How am I an idiot? I get the last time you call me an idiot, but I never heard instructions of changing a toilet-seat, and I've nearly heard of people changing toilet sets myself.

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Ok #18 I admit I was still attacking you from your comment in the last FML when you didn't read that it was OP's dog and not just a random one.

But again #18 just read #19's comment. That really solves everything.

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7- you're SUCH an idiot! Are you actually trying to be this idiotic or are you honestly providing us with a view of your true self right now??

23- Your right, I am an idiot. Or maybe some of us don't come across that one. Idk.

My apologies #26 I do know the difference between the two of them I was just getting into my commenting a little to much.

No #49, I had it right with there being "two" different versions. I used the correct term there.

72 I mean the last too* in your sentence.

You'll be fine as long as you know how to use the toilet. Seeing the expectations, who cares about the seat.

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you could jus get some bleach and clean the current one

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unless its because you found a homeless man taking a bath in your toilet

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nope, the homeless man was taking a bath in the sink.

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Maybe she should be changing the hobo infested sink instead of a toilet seat. Priorities, op.