By kate - 29/04/2009 01:39 - United States

Today, I was eating at Applebees at a high table with bar stools. I was reaching over to get some gum out of mom's purse when my chair flipped out from under me and my soda fell on top of me and got in my ear. To make things worse, the waiter ran over and shouted "I give that one a 10!" FML
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Dude, that guy was probably trying to be nice and help you play it off. What would you rather have? Falling like that and just have everyone stare at you from the corner of their eyes or have someone get everyone to laugh so you can laugh at yourself and then go back to things as normal. When people don't laugh at something funny, it leads to even MORE akward scenarios. Dude did you a favor.


I hate it when FMLs complain about people making a joke when these things happen (i.e. the waiter) I find them hilarious

couldn't agree more! have a giggle girl, get over it.

hahaha if this is real its funny. I give that one a 10? was he rating ur accident?

#2 I would believe so. This is a classic one! She has a nice sense of humor. :P

at least you can complain and maybe get him fired, if that makes you feel better.

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Wow, that happened to my mom, they ended up giving her gift certificates so she wouldn't sue.

It's rude to grab things out of other people's purses/bags. I hope you learned your lesson. Ask next time, and maybe you won't make a total ass out of yourself.

It's not some random stranger's purse, it's his/her moms purse

in this case you are because you can't even type you're correctl

Lol. Epic. I would have paid good money to see that. Ask that waiter if he managed to get it on video. :-P

How do you know her Mum didn't tell her to get it out of the bag? At least you didn't break anything, even if it was very embarassing for you

In the words of Nelson Muntz, "HA HA!" But FYL too. :)

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lol!!! 2 Internet for the simpsons refernce :p