By embarassed - United States
Today, I dragged my son along with me to a work party because I didn't want him home by himself. Halfway through, he stood up and made an announcement about my pregnancy. I had to explain to all my coworkers and my boss that I'm not pregnant, I'm just fat. FML
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Yea, I can't see why you wouldn't you just try to find a sitter or something. Chances are you know your own son enough to know he would act out in some form for being taken somewhere he didn't want to go. I don't think he should have done what he did but this could have been avoided. Unless you tried and couldn't find a sitter, then FYL. Either way, lesson learned.


Yes, because it is inconceivable that OP tried to find a babysitter and was unsuccessful. Not everyone has the luxury of having a good, reliable babysitter on call 24/7.

  cass85  |  8

I absolutely agree with this. Children do NOT EVER belong at work functions unless specifically invited. You completely and utterly deserve it. I am not saying this as a child-hating, bitter person. I am saying this as someone that knows that your dressed up colleagues, the expensive caterers that are serving you and the adult conversation are not things that a child that is too young to be left alone either should be around or even WANTS to be around. What makes you so entitled?

  zombiekitten87  |  12

22- chill out! no one said it was a fancy party or there were caterers involved... besides, how do you know there weren't other children there?
also for other people, if the kid stood up and announced mommy was pregnant because she was fat, he probably wasn't old enough to be home alone.

By  Miss_Random  |  0

You brought that upon youself by dragging him there. If he was old to stay home alone, then you should have just left him home. If he isn't, hire a babysitter. If you couldn't afford one OR you didn't trust him to be home alone without getting into trouble then you should have just skipped the office party.