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Today, I had a half-hour conversation with my parents about going to college. I don't know what's worse, that they were trying to talk me out of it or that they're convinced that I'm going to get knocked up and drop out by the end of my freshman year. FML
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Don't you just love it when your parents are supportive.

hahatofunny 20

Ignore them and go to college, it the best time of your life.


Don't you just love it when your parents are supportive.

Parents know best.

Not in this case 55.

hahatofunny 20

Ignore them and go to college, it the best time of your life.

perdix 29

. . . and get knocked up and drop out.

And don't major in one of the humanities.

"best time of your life." I'm still waiting for that to kick in. For example, over the past 10 days, I have spent no less than 7 hours per day in the library studying and doing homework (on top of normal classes). And this is pretty much of the rest of the semester is looking for me.

Sounds like you picked a tough one #41, I only studied an hour a day and came through with top marks, keep it up though will pay off soon enough :)

41- I agree you must be in an extremely demanding course. If not- I'd suggest looking up effective methods to studying. More often than not it comes down to not how long you study for, but the way you take in the info!

I feel your pain 41. I'm an engineering student with extremely long days put into trying to u derstand things that hardly make sense. I put in about 3 or 4 hours of work a day and ended up with a 2.9 gpa last semester. I was thrilled. getting a 2.0 or higher means your a good student here...2 point ******* 0! my RA told me of a floor a few years back that was known as the party floor, and the entire floor's average gpa was 0.9...thats about 50 people here. most days I sit back and think to myself. what have I gotten myself into? hopefully all of our hard work will pay off 41 and after college is over will be the best time of our lives when we have a comfortable well paying job that we need to work our asses off at...****...

51- I am also an engi student. What I have gathered from family/friends is after college, once we get a job, life will still suck. My dad, for example, will go to work at like 7am, and not get back until 7pm-12am. He makes a fair amount of money, but he always is doing work, even at home. With all this studying, I'm hoping this semester will only drop me down to a 3.5 (from 3.75).

There's nothing wrong with graduating with a humanities degree.

Exactly. 4-5 years of partying for zero personal gain at your parents expense. Why wouldn't you want to go? :/

56- Is your dad an engineer? Different professions can have very different work hours.

Yes, he's an engineer as well. Different type of engineering than what I'm going for, but I figure there are still similarities across the board.

Lack of confidence shouldn't get you down. Go, prove them wrong. Good luck, OP.

Not knowing the situation at all, and realizing there is a huge margin for error... What if maybe... JUST MAYBE.... Her parents know what they are talking about, she is still immature, and she would be better off taking a little time to grow up before doing something that will set her up for failure? Sometimes it good to heed the advice of those who have been around the block a few more times than you...

dontyawishyaknew 12

Sometimes parents don't know what they're talking about, and it's an awfully stupid idea to possibly throw away your future bc they don't have any faith in their child.

Axel5238 29

Unfortunately, this might be true hopefully though this isn't the case. It's bad the parents don't seem to have faith she can pull it together. A lot of kids aren't ready for college, most seem to think it's a big party and aren't ready for the responsibility of being on their own. The flood of texts on are mostly from college students clearly not ready.

38 - Granted, sometimes they don't. But it's also stupid to throw away your future because you start something before you are ready. There is no shortage of people who start college, aren't mature enough to handle it, drop out, and end up with a decent amount of debt with nothing to show for it. I'm just suggesting that OP take a moment to consider what her parents are saying, and decide if she is motivated enough to make herself Goto class and do her homework without her parents harping on her. Responsible enough to spend money wisely (IE groceries and rent before going out to party or going out to eat).

Then why not offer support and help instead of harsh words? Even with that possibility, they should offer support of some sort. Advice, suggestions, help of any sort.

OP never said they used harsh words, and how do you know that they didn't offer support? Allowing OP to continue living with them is a tremendous amount of support to begin with... Their advice was to not start college yet, because they felt their offspring wasn't ready.. What more do you want?

73, saying she'll get knocked up and/or drop out? That's not harsh? And are you saying they followed these comments up with "I'll sure you'll do fine, we're here for you" and such? Really, it sounds to me like they were making disheartening comments which could deter her from going, which doesn't seem very supportive considering.

Draxanoth 15

Personal experience maybe?

Looks like OP was an accident.

Man ur evil hahaha

Draxanoth 15

Eh, that's a crappy way to find out...My parents would tell me I was a butt baby! That's pretty horrifying lol.

snufflelump 12

Prove them wrong. It's always fun to say I told you so.. especially when it's your parents! :)

When I was in college my mom really thought I would not finish school. I got good grades (I think maybe it was because of the boyfriend I had during that time). It just made me more determined to show her she was wrong, and I did finish college.

I like when get to tell people I told you so about not going to college, in my opinion it's just a waste of money.

snufflelump 12

You're entitled to your opinion, but I'm sure a LOT of people are glad they went to college. Sure, you can be successful either way, but I know when I graduate I'll be proud!

Just go, your parents can't decide your life

RedPillSucks 31

They can if they're paying for it.

40 - If money's the issue, OP can work, save, take loans, choose a major that will give her a well-paying job, start at a community college, etc. It can be done, with hard work and determination.

Aregonde 15

Sounds like your parents don't think to too highly of their parenting skills.

MNBOY16 15

Depends, is there a reason they think you will get knocked up?

beddington 7

It's most likely the trap stamp and 2 kids she already has.

ulissey_fml 22

I don't know about the reason, there should be none, since there is always the perfect solution: it's called birth control.

RedPillSucks 31

It's amazing how many people ignore birth control when having sex.

birth control isnt always 100% safe. my cousin was a VERY unexpected suprise.

If you really don't want to get pregnant, double up on the birth control methods. My bf (now husband) and I used condoms and I was on the pill.

(Four years later) surprise I got my degree am already more accredited than you and here's my rich handsome doctor fiancé. That's what I want to see in 4 years

perdix 29

#9, so you want her to go for the M.R.S. degree?

He'll yea!!!!

So the doc is hitting on college grads, I mean I guess 4+ years isn't that creepy...

My parents didn't believe I was ready for college... and I flunked out my first year and had to go to community college to get my grades up. Just remember OP, use lots of birth control and always stick with your buddy at frat parties.

Unfortunately when I was young and given this advice I heard "---------------".