By beablue18 - 04/07/2011 00:27 - Germany

Today, my sister confessed to me that she sold some of my old shirts to the girl who's stalking me. This explains why I got a note that read, "I have your scent, now I can track you." FML
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A greyhound is stalking you? Woah!


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ydi for letting your sister go through your stuff(:

hatepineapple 14

You may never have a girl wanting you again. Bang the SHIT out of that.

Insightful post, #1. Bravo. There's so much meaning behind those three letters, a tear welled up and slowly slid slightly down my cheek.

KingGeorgeGal 12

Wtf, your sister is a dumbass and pathetic if she has to sell YOUR stuff, especially to a creeper. I would have a serious talk with her if I were you.

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so you wrote this to ... brag?

lmao!!!! this is some funny stuff!!!!!!!!! i died laughing

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selling your clothes to a stalker? That's a paddlin. Slap that bit sh!

so sell your sisters panties to the old man across the road as revenge. or send in a resume with her information at the nearest strip joint or pornography film company. easy peasy lemon squeezy

1 - Seriously? You have the chance to write the most epicest comment ever and you go with 'lol'...?

92- Thermals? Those carry scent well. I'd have an escape plan if I were you.

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if she's hot tap her and run if she's ugly just run

dumbass he didn't let her look through his crap. and it's not like he's in his room 24/7 to monitor everything that's going on so STFU!

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A greyhound is stalking you? Woah!

I smell you...I can tell where you are from 50 miles distance...mwohahaha...I know your scent

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It was a rough night. I was drunk... the peanut butter jar was there... She just got carried away thinking it was more than it was.

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sounds like something from that twilight movie.

It's bloodhound, not greyhound, actually crazy is as crazy does I guess

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Lol, more like a bloodhound but exactly on the same lines I was thinking!

That is the creepiest thing I have ever heard. But it's hilatious. FYL.

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at least it's the creepiest thing YOU have ever heard :!

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yeah, but it's "hilatious"! :]

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lol lol and lol she's a keeper :)

Babydoll4ever 7

she's the creeper's keeper :3

Babydoll4ever 7

she's the creeper's keeper :3

really creepy and i guess your sister really needed the money that sucks FYL

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what a terrific sister.....not! borat^

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I thought it was called flashabadoobedoowopdamah..learn somethin erreday

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Thank you captain obvious (:

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Oh my gosh! Really? I DID NOT know that!

oh I thought the FML told me otherwise... *sarcasm*

wow, I didn't know op's "stalker" earned that title by stalking. strange... [/sarcasm]

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Are you sure the sister isn't the stalker?

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Tonight, while you are sleeping, you will notice your window slowly opening. You will walk over to see what is going on and suddenly your stalker will make her attack. I am only warning you once my friend. Listen to the prophecy.