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Today, I was out with my boyfriend, and I had an epileptic fit. He had never seen me have one, and it freaked him out. He rang me later to dump me, as he didn't want to go out with someone who acted like a 'spaz' in public. FML
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Hey guys, thanks for posting all your comments, I have read them all. Firstly i'd like to say that epilepsy is a condition that can't be helped, so i'm kind of stuck with it and its not necessarily genetic. I am proud of who I am and I wouldn't change who I am even if I could. Secondly, I did tell my ex that I had epilepsy, I told him straight away so he was aware of my condition; to not tell him would have been unfair. Thirdly thanks to all the people who understand what its like and have written messages of support, I really appreciate it. To those who have written 'negative' comments, you are entitled to your own opinion, just don't share it with me. Being called a 'spaz' or saying that 'i'm sick' or 'not normal' is uncalled for. I'm currently studying Medicine at Birmingham Uni to try and help those like me, and all i'm going to say is how ironic would it be if one of you who have said i'm 'not normal' came into a hospital where I was working and I saved your life...I guess you wouldn't be saying stuff then. Again, thanks for all the positive comments :)


I feel for you, op. I have epilepsy too and some people can be pretty mean and immature about it :/

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I know this is unrelated to #1, but this is important and it needs to be near the top because so few people know what to do. If someone is having any sort of seizure: 1. Move any large objects that you can out of the way. 2. Attempt to place the person on the floor or make sure that the victim cannot fall off whatever he or she is on. 3. Put some sort of cushion under the head and neck. Anything you have, no matter how small, is better than nothing. 4. Roll the victim on his or her side and attempt to place the head in between the arms, like a fetal position. DO NOT do this if the victim's body is stiff or hard to move. 5. DO NOT put a wooden spoon or anything in the mouth of the victim to bite down on. It is a misconception that this helps. 6. Remind the victim to breathe. It can't hurt. 7. Most victims experience an aura before the seizure. The most common is a vision of spiders or any insect crawling all over everything. Try to get the victim flat on the ground and rolled over BEFORE the seizure. 8. If this is the first seizure of the victim, take him or her IMMEDIATELY to the emergency room. If the seizure had happened before, try to remain calm. The majority of seizure related deaths are from the victim choking on his or her own saliva. Even if you can't do anything else, ROLL THE VICTIM ON HIS OR HER SIDE. This allows drainage.

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#133 your comments too long for me to thumbs up on it D: but thumbs up anyway.

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she's not a spaz. she has epilepsy dumbass

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no ur an idiot!! she has a condition not one to make fun off!!

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**** you 118 I also have that condition and I'm often made fun of and now no one will even talk to me cause everyone thinks I'm a spaz so **** u >:(

yeah how dare he be uncomfotable in situations he does not understand. sure it would be great if he would be there for her but honestly if he's unable to deal with stuff like this asumeing he's an asshole for breaking of is not fair. he is not capable of handeling a person who has seziures and wether that be because he get's embarsed or whatever else it migth be he should not be forced to.

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it looks like a close up of pikachus eye / cheek

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What an asshole my best friend is epileptic and I love her, that guy is such a douche.

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Quit being a typical bitch. Guys have the right to protect their sperms from problematic future-mothers like OP.

Right, every woman is a walking uterus, I forgot that one. If you are willing to give up your girlfriend because your children may become epileptic, than you don't love her enough, it's as simple as that. Relationships are in this culture about much more than just a way to create children. The health of the future children is important, yes, but it's not like OP has a devestating disease which will make all their possible offspring deathly-ill. It's normal for OP's boyfriend to freak out - I was when my boyfriend got his first seizure - but it's not normal for him to dump OP for that. Luckily, girls have the right to protect their life from problematic future-husbands like OP's boyfriend.

get off the computer and get ur ass back in the kitchen! also make me a samich

Wow, that was rude. Be glad he showed his true colours though, and find yourself a better boyfriend :)

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You´re clearly better off without that kid...

maybe u should explain it to him, then if he's still da same dump his ass

did he know that you had epileptic siezures? if not, i can kinda see his reasoning for freaking out but not for dumping you. that's never a good reason to dump someone.

how is that not a good reason to dump someone? if the relationship isn't serious, why would he try and stay with a sick person that he'll have to take care of the rest of his life?

'Take care of the rest of his life', you make it sound like OP is physically challenged... You make also a mistake: dumping your partner because he/she is epileptic =/= dumping your partner because the relationship isn't serious enough. The second reason is completely understandable, the first reason is something for assholes. Yes, those two reason are obviously linked with eachother, but OP's boyfriend gave the first one as explanation, therefore it is a dick move.

#59 are you kidding me? he doesnt need to 'look after her'! and if he did it would be because he loved her! obviously he was just a useless bastard and if you read the fml properly you would see he dumped her because she looked like a 'spaz in public' so she embarrassed him. are you saying you would dump your girlfriend if she was like that too???

I hope you find someone to look after you, neonoodle, because you're clearly "special."

wow all of you people are such good Samaritans when it comes to situations you aren't a part of. Yes, I would dump somebody with an illness and I wouldn't get serious with somebody who I know has an uncurable illness that can also be transferred to any kids we have. If ops SO didn't know about op's epilepsy, then it was obviously a fairly new relationship and the SO has no obligation to stick around with a sick person.

Do you even know what epilepsy is? It's not like she's retarded or something. What is there to "take care of"? Epilepsy is not sped. It's a dick move to dump somebody just because they have a seizure in public and it embarrasses you. Most cases of epilepsy aren't even genetic.

Neonoodle, you would dump someone if they had an illness? So if your girlfriend gets the flu, you would dump her? Probably not what you meant, but that's exactly what you said. Be more careful about what you say and how you say it. I had a friend die because she had an epileptic seizure in the bathtub and drowned. She was the kindest, most wonderful girl and boys found her attractive, despite her disease, which she was very up-front about. Maybe you should grow a pair, be a real man, and realize that there are things wrong with everyone. Love someone for who they are, not whether or not they have a disease.

wow neonoodle you're an up-right dick. seriously man I doubt you even know what epilepsy is! my best friend has epilepsy and the 6 years I've known him I never wouldve that of epilepsy in the way you're thinking. besides it's not like it will carry on their whole life. my friend hasn't had a seizure in like 5 yrs so stfu and GTFO!