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Today, my girlfriend woke me at 5am, just to say how great it was that I could still sleep two more hours before leaving for work. FML
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Isn't the feeling of knowing you have more time to sleep one of the best feelings ever though?!?

yoloswagg54 9

FYL, falling back asleep is impossible for me :(


Maybe that's when she had to leave for work

I am going to take this comment serious and agree. I love waking up and knowing I have more time to sleep. Sometimes I even put an alarm on two hours before I have to get up.

I hate nazi jokes. Anne Frankly they suck.

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I do nazi how this is relevant to the FML.

Indeed they do suck. What? Expected me to say one? I just told you they suck.

Three K's a day keep the minorities away.

yoloswagg54 9

FYL, falling back asleep is impossible for me :(

Yeah usually when I wake someone up at 5 am to tell them something it's an accident.

Isn't the feeling of knowing you have more time to sleep one of the best feelings ever though?!?

No. It's dreadful knowing you have to fall back asleep only to wake up once more.

Ah. I always loved waking up to find out I had a few more hours worth of sleep left.

Finding out you have a good while left to sleep in is great. Deliberately being woken up so someone can make that observation to you, on the other hand, is grounds for murder.

I wish I had that feeling. I end up staring at my roof for the remaining 15 minutes, waiting for that dreadful alarm to beep. It's like I'm being punished for the bad deeds I'll inevitably do later that day.

I'm like the worst morning person ever so it's quite easy for me to fall back asleep after being woken up early :p

I'm gonna look on the brighter side and say she probably woke him up accidentally and tried to cover it up n_n

at least you don't get up and unplug your alarm while sleep walking...

RpiesSPIES 27

Yes, 52, or maybe she was going to surprise him with morning sex but choked at the last second.

Lol at merry ******* xmas.... Made me laugh

I do that all the time, or I'll turn it off in my sleep, I hate when that happens.

i love waking up and realizing i have more time to sleep

You're so not alone!! That's happened to me twice this week!

groovycrazyjoe 18

I love waking up and realize it's 5:59 and I have to get up at 6:00. I want all my sleep lol

That'll teach you to forget to turn the alarm off when you leave before her.

#8 Maybe try reading and understanding the FML before commenting

What did you even read out of that?! Try reading the FML, it might help.

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FYL... I leave at 5.30am, my fiance leaves at around 7, sometimes I feel like being really noisy before I leave hahaha so I can see where your girlfriend is coming from.

Why is that funny? It sounds obnoxious and childish to me. When my wife leaves before I do, she makes it a point to be extra quiet to let me sleep. That's called "respect".

Doc, are you an on-the-call surgeon? If so, when you get called in late at night,do you wake up mrs.bastard to tell her you're leaving?

Jeez... I said I feel like it, not that I do it, I'm not 12.

Sikunt - Then I'm glad you repress those feelings. Dudeguy - My phone ringing usually does a fine job of waking her up.

Hahaha, poor guy. But now you know! FYL though :P

That happens to me all of the time. Hopefully you were able to fall back asleep right after your girlfriend woke you up.

I totally thought that would end differently...