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Today, after much deliberation, I decided to accept my parents' invitation to a family dinner. A half hour after I arrived, all hell broke loose, because my mom's pregnancy test had come back positive, and she was convinced my dad had poked holes in his own condom. FML
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And your parents always thought you would have an accident before them


SenselessPattern 12

Yes, normally it's dinner with the In-laws or girlfriend/boyfriend's parets that are the source of FML's and/or apocalypse. Nice change of pace...

BunchieRules 31

10 - Ah, yes. In-laws make the best FMLs, aside from the occasional hobos and insane coworkers.

Pierre - Don't do that. If your profile info is accurate, I predict you'll last about a day here before some kind mod banishes you to the depths of Hell.

ryry013 6

"Hold on, I'll be right back I'm going to take a pregnancy test in the middle of dinner. Everyone, please keep eating"

Condom guys, the HOLE situation sounds pretty HARD.

76- ...and you seem to be a tard? Your name suits you.

JocelynKaulitz 28

I'm guessing the dad is extremely filled with joy since he's getting blamed for "purposely" getting her pregnant?

You're an impudent, self relishing idiot aren't you? I'm not a tard, I made a bad joke. So what? Also the name is from a band called senses fail who got their name from becoming more in tone with the world in Buddhist beliefs to the point where eventually your 'senses fail'. Keep trying to show off your ugly body to attract guys attention from the annoying word vomit that comes out of your insolent little brain. It's apparently the only thing you have going for you.

hellachillin 8

They were obviously scared of having another one like OP. what have you done to your parents OP?!

Its best you don't steal his condoms!!

I think OPs parents are a bit strange. But I feel for OP. now you know to turn down invitations for dinner at least. Or maybe bring condoms instead of wine! Haha

If you look at his profile, it explains how retarded he is.

Don't **** with him guys. Tough guy with a name of big baller

You guys ever think he might have wanted to spell it like that? You all dont have to go all grammar nazi on everyone 24-7 because seriously no one gives a rats ass that much

ImmaB3AST 7

Don't* A rat's ass* No one really gives a rat's ass that much. (Fragment consider revising)

Slender_Man 6

71- that's a grammar nazi's job.

No one gives a rats ass about your opinion either

#6 reminds me of this kid from school that no one liked. Including younger grades, older grades, my grade and teachers. No one at all liked him.

And your parents always thought you would have an accident before them

flutter4 7

Apparently it's the hormones that are crazy

I'm sure it's a question he'll never ask. We can assume that he did?

he'll never answer/she'll never ask* which one?

BandWagonGuy 8

Hmm, well lostinlabels. If she were accused it probably would have been included in the post.

Reminds me of that movie, where the nerd father drips water in his wife's condom to see if she poked holes in it, and she did. Gosh, I can't remember the name of that movie though!

SeedlessMe 13

Parenthood!! One of the best 80's movies out there! ;)

Thank you!! I can't believe I forgot what it was called. It was a great movie lol

It wasn't a condom. It was a diaphragm. One of my favorite movies! "Well I thought someone around here should be having sex with something that doesn't require batteries!"