By Anonymous - 23/11/2014 00:10 - United Kingdom - London

Today, I decided to conquer my fear of blades, and tried shaving my legs with a razor. I sat on the side of my bathtub and wet my legs, but some of the water splashed. I slipped on it and fell back, hitting my head on the tile wall and slicing my leg open at the same time. FML
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Well in another year I'm sure you'll work up enough courage to try again.

Lafayo 9

even no-shave November has its casualties


ChristianH39 30

My general philosophy is if you didn't end up in the hospital it wasn't severe.

Isa_fml 20

Presumably they were using a safety razor... you can only cut yourself so deep with those things. You can still scrape up your skin pretty badly though. Stings like hell, and bleeds a lot too, but it's shallow.

Well in another year I'm sure you'll work up enough courage to try again.

Next time use shaving cream. It makes the shaving easier and you won't slip.

Next time, use an epilator. Minor pain (moderate the first time or two) and far longer results.

If OP doesn't want to slip she should not sit on the side of the damn bath. Sit IN the bath. That is how baths work.

Some girls are weird and shave when they're not bathing/showering

That doesn't sound good. Use shaving cream next time :) FYL

Lafayo 9

even no-shave November has its casualties

OP would have been better off just sticking with No Shave November...

Sounds like you were still a little frightened, or that you were startled easily by the water. Try again, but be confident in yourself. Or have someone with you for moral support. Good luck, OP!

who would voluntarily try to shave their legs and be frightened by the water? did you forget that was a main ingredient in the whole process?

RecklessLove 18

Moral support? Why would anyone want someone to watch them shave?

I guess the way I understood it was that she flinched when the water splashed, causing her to slip. Maybe I should just sleep instead of trying to read too much into FMLs. As for moral support, I was thinking like their mom or something. That was how I learned to shave, was with her help. Is that not normal?

Better luck next time OP, it does hurt but I stick to waxing.

Comet_Candy 23

Some people can have bad reactions to the wax. A safer method is sugaring, as the ingredients are all natural. Plus you can make it at home!