By Anonymous - United Kingdom - London
Today, I decided to conquer my fear of blades, and tried shaving my legs with a razor. I sat on the side of my bathtub and wet my legs, but some of the water splashed. I slipped on it and fell back, hitting my head on the tile wall and slicing my leg open at the same time. FML
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  Isa_fml  |  20

Presumably they were using a safety razor... you can only cut yourself so deep with those things. You can still scrape up your skin pretty badly though. Stings like hell, and bleeds a lot too, but it's shallow.

By  cjmedic  |  12

Sounds like you were still a little frightened, or that you were startled easily by the water. Try again, but be confident in yourself. Or have someone with you for moral support. Good luck, OP!

  cjmedic  |  12

I guess the way I understood it was that she flinched when the water splashed, causing her to slip. Maybe I should just sleep instead of trying to read too much into FMLs.
As for moral support, I was thinking like their mom or something. That was how I learned to shave, was with her help. Is that not normal?