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  perdix  |  29

Another solution: use edible shampoo. Your hair will look like shit, but that won't matter because you'll be wearing a helmet of insects and small, woodland creatures feeding off the bounty of your head.

  onlychildFTW  |  33

OP needs to stop dining in the shower. Or at least not when shampooing. Common sense people! Plus, it isn't that hard to not get shampoo in eyes, mouth, or on the face. I haven't for about 10-12 years.

By  perdix  |  29

Don't blame the shampoo, deep down you realize your singing is just that horrible.

You ought to try out for American Idol. I only watch the audition weeks where The Horribles make asses of themselves. I'd like to see if I could endure your vomit-inducing musical stylings.

  perdix  |  29

#25, I agree.

What amazes me about The Horribles is that no one among their friends and family have told them that they suck at singing.

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

Perdix, it amazes me as well that no one has the balls to tell them they don't have a good singing voice. They probably sing drunk karaoke and all the drunks cheer them on. Therefore, making The Horribles feel like they are amazing singers.

  SirFawkes  |  16

"I retched and sputtered for about two minutes before finally throwing up"
You're right, it tasted like an entire cuisine in the OP's mouth.

  BellaBelle_fml  |  23

SpikyG, due to your inane and, most of the time, disrespectful comments, almost every one of your comments that I have seen have been thumbed down. Causing several people to put you in your place. And yet you still have not learned from that? I'm actually beginning to believe that you are simply being a troll. I will be the first to admit that I have had my fair share of negative thumbs and people arguing with me. But, I try to learn from my mistakes and better myself and my comments so I don't come across as a complete moron and/or asshat. I guarantee you that I will still sometimes get negative thumbs. Although, I will continuously do my best to keep learning from them.

  gracehi  |  31

Well aren't you just so fucking wonderful? Reading SpikyG's profile, I'm lead to believe that he is either mentally handicapped, extremely uneducated, or speaks English as a second language. Whatever the case, he can't help it, but experience tells me he is most likely not a native English speaker, which would explain why his comments are so terrible. Although, I just have to take your weord on it that he consistently makes bad comments because, unlike you, I don't keep tallies of who makes down voted comments. Although, he has only made 35 comments, which isn't very many. Not a lot of time for him to improve, now is it? In this case, all he did was ask a stupid question, which isn't exactly a federal offense. Now get your panties out of that wad and chill.

  eggmarie  |  25

Did I miss when BellaBelle became the FML police and can decide who can or can't comment? If you don't like his comments, thumb him down and move on with your life. No need to write him a novel about how much you think he sucks.