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Today, my brother thought it would be funny to disable my iPod Touch for 45 minutes. After 45 minutes, I went to enter my password. I missed a number accidentally. 50 minutes to go. FML
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you should disable your brother by punching him in the nuts.


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I usually press the wrong buttons when I rush, so next time this happens, especially on situations like these, do not rush it. Or . . . you can beat manners into your bro to make sure that if it happens again, it won't be him that you have to beat up.

That really annoys me too. I don't understand why there is a limit of tries if there are thousands and thousands of combinations.

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at least the erase data wasn't on...

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op I do this ALL the time lol

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Wow... At least in 50 minutes you will have your Ipod back. For the being, go do something productive like read a book

Did Apple change the "Disable iPod password upon computer connection" feature that used to work on older iPods?

ok if he got locked out for an hour? I think it is (not sure tho) how did he *post* that he has 50 minutes to go if he's locked out? so I call bs on this fml

69(tehehhe)-um have you heard of this thing it's kinda new I only found out about it the other day oh what was it? oh that's right a computer.

Redneck42 0

wow was it that horrible that you had to be away from your iPod that you had to put it on fml. it was only 50 minutes.

Omg thats happened to me a million times i cant believe this got posted and mine not. "Today, i had to witness my professor go on for 2 hours about how "LSD TVs" are bad for your health because they contain drugs. FML

omfgfmlisgreat 2

114 don't complain that yours didn't get posted. It is really annoying when people like you get mad that one FML got posted but yours didn't. Maybe you should check the rules before you post as it breaks one of them.

116 im not complaining just making a point... Besides what rule did i break???

131 why don't you go find out? And I find it sad that op couldn't be away from his/her iPod for that long. I know a kid like that, except his bro wouldn't have the chance to lock his iPod cuz the guy is constantly on it.

Omg what a tragedy! You can't use your iPod for a whole 50 minutes! Some people don't even have iPods so stop complaining. Get over it!

this isn't even an FML, I mean it's not that big of a deal...

whoop-dee-******-doo. there are people dying all over the world, and you're concerned that your iPod is disabled! shame on you.

pandabeargirl89 0

That's happened to me too :(

Ugh my aunt did that to me too. I was locked out for an hour but she kept it most of the night. I was not in a good mood after that.

redshortsx 0

yeah my sister did that to me too.. but instead of an iPod touch, I have a iPhone.. so I was locked out of my phone! much much worse

same thing happened to me except I had to restore my iPhone on iTunes after that

So... I guess this is a contest of who has it worst now?

118 I had it locked for two days! JK I'm just messing with you. Lucky OP didn't put delete everything after ten tries.

2 days! some poor grandmother musthabe been locked out for a month! Damned arthritis.

152 I was kidding. Sone one asked if it was a competition of who had it worse so I said that 8)

Exactly what I was doing :3 haha we are funny people (excluding me and counting you)

I logged on just to say that...LOL...but several people beat me to the punch.

sabrecaz 0

Ha ha. my brother did that to me. Except he did it so much that by the time I found out I had to log on to iTunes to unlock it. We were camping at Lake Tahoe and I had absolutely no way of accessing iTunes. Life's tough.

flockz 19

you should disable your brother by punching him in the nuts.

then ask him for the password and if he gets it wrong hit him again!

I think this has probably happened to everyone at some point FYL

Andddddd this is why you never let anyone touch your phone, especially family.

wow really ppl he said I pod touch that's not a phone its an i pod I just thought I'd correct

She* I don't understand why you felt the need to correct me, but alright, whatever makes you feel better. :-)

20: iPod not I Pod. Trivial mistake right? See the connection?

#20 *iPod *people *she *it's really learn sone grammer before you try to correct someone ,(:

#142 learn some spelling before correcting others. grammar* some*

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The OP never said he felt like he couldn't live that long without it, just implied that he wanted to use it. The iPod may have been his only way to access the Internet, or perhaps he had something important saved in his Notes, or maybe he simply had some idle time on his hands and wanted to listen to music. It's obviously pretty certain not to be a life-or-death issue, but what his brother did is definitely cause for some annoyance. Way to blow it out of proportion.

Way to take everything so seriously.

MarioandSonic 8

op had to wait the 45 minutes to unlock the iPod PLUS the 50 minutes. that's one hour and thirty five minutes not just 50 minutes.

iPods lock after 1, then 5, then 15, then 45? and then an hour so technically, it's two hours and six minutes ish

just connect it to iTunes , and it will unlock.

just a stupid, unneeded note, in iOS 4, if you enable "Secure password" then you must unlock the iDevice BEFORE connecting to iTunes.