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I usually press the wrong buttons when I rush, so next time this happens, especially on situations like these, do not rush it.

Or . . . you can beat manners into your bro to make sure that if it happens again, it won't be him that you have to beat up.

  Sebastian_NG  |  17

Omg thats happened to me a million times i cant believe this got posted and mine not.
"Today, i had to witness my professor go on for 2 hours about how "LSD TVs" are bad for your health because they contain drugs. FML


114 don't complain that yours didn't get posted. It is really annoying when people like you get mad that one FML got posted but yours didn't. Maybe you should check the rules before you post as it breaks one of them.

  EmperorPsycho  |  0

131 why don't you go find out? And I find it sad that op couldn't be away from his/her iPod for that long. I know a kid like that, except his bro wouldn't have the chance to lock his iPod cuz the guy is constantly on it.

By  sabrecaz  |  0

Ha ha. my brother did that to me. Except he did it so much that by the time I found out I had to log on to iTunes to unlock it. We were camping at Lake Tahoe and I had absolutely no way of accessing iTunes. Life's tough.

  goshpeople  |  4

The OP never said he felt like he couldn't live that long without it, just implied that he wanted to use it. The iPod may have been his only way to access the Internet, or perhaps he had something important saved in his Notes, or maybe he simply had some idle time on his hands and wanted to listen to music. It's obviously pretty certain not to be a life-or-death issue, but what his brother did is definitely cause for some annoyance. Way to blow it out of proportion.