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Today, my dad found my "list". 32 guys, 4 girls. Colour coded as to who I would sleep with again and who I wouldn't, who were virgins, etc. He complimented me on my "organizational skills." FML
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you color coordinating the STD's too? crabs can be red, syphilis green, and the clap can be yellow cause when i think of clapping i think happy.

is this list like a pokedex? gotta bang em all. xD


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I agree. my dad would be pissed.

whoah.. and I thought I was weird by keeping a list of guys I've kissed. hahaaha this list is a good idea, I might do this once I have a guy to add.

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hahaha omfg that is hilarious and kind of a smart idea

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I know someone that has a list too and slept with 33 people. but that was 2ish years ago. who knows how many more she's gotten ob her list now. eek *****.

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Awesome! I need a secretary like you. Come hither baby

Op my list is right here: ^ See? Nothing. You're lucky. And slutty.

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Hahah ahhh, man that sucks. I'd be dead man.

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ur dad is AWESOME!!! mine would have killed me:(

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im going to play devils advocate and assume you are in your 20s and live at home with your dad lol. that said, how promiscuous can one be? op, I'm going to hand you a few pamphlets on STDs, read them carefully. 7 11

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12: I have a list of the peope I've kissed too haha

I don't label it so that if its found, no one will know what it is.

i don't have mine labeled either, it's just a short, numbered list :] I don't think you would be able to guess it's the guys I've kissed.. or at least I hope not.

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KiddNYC1O 20

76- I doubt you'll need to label a list-of-guys page for ppl to figure out what it is in this era lol

is this list like a pokedex? gotta bang em all. xD

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LOL @ 91 gotta bang em all indeed...I can understand wanting to test the waters before settling down but I think 32's overkill =S

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****, thats all i got to say

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lol @ the jealous girls on here calling her a ****. op, you sound like a perfectly respectable girl. I don't think anyones number should have anything to do with their character.. past a certain age. ;)

It's hardly "jealous" calling someone who slept with 32 people a ****.. :P I only sleep with boyfriends and I'm not in the slightest bit jealous. :) I feel sorry for you, OP - you must be veeeeery insecure.

YUCK 98, you are a creep. look at your photo. biggest seed

25 - Hilarious! Yeah, ummm...32 GUYS?!?! WTF, OP?!?! ANNNDD GIRLS?!?! Seriously, wether you slept with all of them or just kissed them, that's just disgusting and slutty. Not to mention it's like you're proud to have done it, given the fact that you WROTE it down! (???) Doesn't it make you feel disgusting? I've been with FOUR (4) MEN my whole life and I'm almost 29!!! One of whom is my husband. But idk, I guess I just have morals. And not to sound at ALL big-headed but I don't have a problem in that department. I'm just NOT like some women (or GIRLS I should say) that sleep with EVERY man that comes their way because they have no morals/low (or no) self esteem, ect. I hope you open your eyes wider (not your legs) OP, and see the big picture...not the next big C**K on your list.

153 - I TOTALLY agree! Whoever feels op is NOT slutty has some serious self esteem problems, too. I bet if she was your girlfriend or even DAUGHTER for that'd feel disgusted for her.

Arsonnist 3

Did he not get pissed because he's on that list?

I want to hear about the 4 girls...

I agree whole-heartedly with 179. but WTF?! I wish my parents were like that.

wow what I *****. I hope you get paid at least OP.

Not only will OP burn in hell, but shes gonna burn for the rest of her life if she's not getting STD treatments by the day.

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I am a typical "horny" dude that thinks about sex all day blah blah blah... but when I read this I truly felt sick to my stomach... makes me REALLY hope girls I've had sex with aren't like you OP YDI for being so infested with crabs discover channel features your snatch on their "sea life" week!! ugh still cringing from this!!!

how does everyone know this is a girl and not a guy

223 - "Sea Life Week!!!" EPIC!!! LMFAO!!!!!

169- I agree! and you are quite pretty and probably could have been a **** if you wanted but chose otherwise because you respect yourself. I've been with 1 guy and I'm 22 years old and he and I are getting married next June :) OP You need to realize sex does not equal love and guys will just use you and throw you to the curb because slutty girls are not the girls he will take home to meet mom.

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236- and there's no way they taught shamu how to play xbox.

229 - OP is CLEARLY a GIRL! WTF?!? Why would a guy "colour code" and even WRITE a list to begin with???? Guys just don't do things like that.

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158 you seem very insecure yourself for having to go on FML and announce to the entirety of the internet that you are NOT, in fact, a ****. if it were true, you wouldnt have to go out of your way to defend something no one even asked your insecure ass about. just got mind your own business and don't judge people based in their numbers. ignorant woman.

236 - UNFOURTUNATELY...I am 28! My bday is Feb 14, 1982...good genes I guess. I get carded EVERWHERE I GO! People always think I'm between 19-21. My mom is 46 & she looks about early 30's. People alway think we are sisters.

239 - EPIC WIN THERE!!!! You made my husband and I's night!! HILARIOUS!!! And btw, Ty for the compliment. :-)

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oh great you have to prove to the internet that you are so young looking that you get carded. seriously is there some guy on this site that you are trying to impress? you just sound needy and desperate.

Lol at 123sploosh PMSing all over the internet.

eh none of my buisness but that just a bit overkill ? mabey I'm wrong :) chart sounds cool

247...I'M MARRIED!!! AND MY HUSBAND IS RIGHT NECT TO ME! lmao! I have NOTHING TO PROVE TO YOU! I was replying to another user who said there was no way I was 29! Read completely before you comment. :-)

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You're not wrapped too tight, are ya?

ladyluck82 i like you.i hate girls who just sleep around. my friend sucked like 5 dicks in a span of 3 months? im like are you ******* serious? i had only sucked one dick at that time. IN FACT. i havent sucked any dick or kissed or had any sex this year.

247 - oh I'M desperate & needy??? You can tell that from me just stating the truth? I guess we all don't need a picture to put that across, huh? Funny how YOU chimed in on a thread about *****. Huh...

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cody1992 is your picture actually of you?

249 - Yes, very true! lol! And It's like you & I were her first "Victims" LMFAO!

268 - Unfortunately, I believe it is. I've seen her commenting on her for AGES.

256 - thanks, sweetie! You seem to have a good head on your shoulders. Keep it up! x

#12 , thats gna take a while . :) & OP , daaaaaaaaaamn :)

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282- your a duck for replying to a comment waaaaaaaaay up there. my screen is broken on my phone dammit. lol jk but seriously, keep up haha... & man I missed out on some funny stuff, damn.... o well fml---haha I rhymed

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duck??? stupid politically correct iPhone... DICK**** pls dont moderate me 

why the hell has my comment been voted too many negative votes? i was talking the same as the other ppl on here..

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to 149 no one is jealous of a girl who u has slept with enough guys to fit a fist in her twat... and it's not self esteem issues in our cases but mostly in the case of a girl who has to bang every guy she sees and then make an OCD list about it. I can count how many guys & girls I have slept with without the need of a pen and paper. the op is a **** and deserves all of the nasty comments she gets because she is a nasty person who is lacking both moral value and self respect. so in my own words " **** that skanky **** cuz I don't want to be anything like her!!"

You know what? You should get a god damn MBA degree! 

Lmao at Freeze. 268/271: No, cody's not the person in that pic. cody's a guy; that pic has been making the internet rounds for awhile.

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we can all agree that any responsable sober parent would be pissed

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290 i doubt you've slept with anyone u fat emo

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@333: spoke my mind exactly

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256, who gives a flying **** whose **** you did or did not suck!

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290, who gives a **** how many people somebody sleeps with. This doesn't make them nasty or nasty-hearted. You on the other hand...hmmmm...

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usually it does make them nasty... think of it as if that was your daughter or girl friend or sister or what ever. if you have too many partners the it makes a person think twice about being in a committed relationship.

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My retort to people who say "what if it was your sister/mom/daughter/etc.." I say well guess what? It isn't, they have too much self respect and are too smart to do stupid shit like sleep around. That is all.

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I totally agree with you!!

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this belongs on TFLN not FML.

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you color coordinating the STD's too? crabs can be red, syphilis green, and the clap can be yellow cause when i think of clapping i think happy.

#6 ftw :) this isn't too bad...except who has time to do all of that? you must have a lot of time on your hands....

^Lol very true, but Syphilis should be purple, and ghonnarhea green.

rasone77 0

Except that syphilus and the clap are the same thing.

no, the clap is chlamydia. yes, blue for blue waffle

oh damn that sounds racist I didn't mean it like that

LOL. I'm black but didn't take that offensively. xD

hahahahaha I'm not black but I was like whatchu mean?!?! I know if it turns black it's about to fall off!

People really don't know what the clap is anymore?! I never took Sex Ed or slept around and even I know what it is...

Well which one is it? And anyway Jane it's an old people term of course! jk

317, So while you know what the Clap is, you're intimately familiar with it, I take it?

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wait a sec...32 guys 4 girls...and I'm guessing ur still in high school becuz if ur dad found it ur living at home. u have issues ur still in high school!!!

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She could commute to a nearby college.

The bug got me. -.- 206 was in reply to the person who said "You're either a writer for Sex and the City or a *****."

This guy! Your comment's back! I'll repost mine: There's a difference?!

talk about a healthy relationship :/

Dude how is the an FML? My dad would have MURDERED me! Good job!

32? Guys and girls? Nice whoring skills.