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music producer for WHY NOT GET PAID?! ENTERTAINMENT, we also do video shoots, photo shoots, promotions, graphics, mixing, recording, etc. go to facebook, just type in why not get paid in the search bar. proud poppa of a pitbull named Cujo. if it ain't a pit, it ain't shit. i've played guitar since i was 12 years old, then when i was 19 i started gettin really heavy into hip hop and makin beats/recording and producing and found what i love doing. youtube jesse jaymz to hear some icant staaaannndddd those stupid 'in soviet russia' jokes, i'm on a mission to kill that joke FOREEVVERRR. my favorite show is 'it's always sunny in philadelphia' and 'the boondocks' charlie is my fav on sunny and RILEY!! is my favorite on th eboondocks. msg me if u want a quote-off whatever else u wanna know ask me. i love chatting so hit me up! PEACE
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