By disappointed - 20/09/2013 16:30 - Canada - Waterloo

Today, I walked in on my daughter shaving her boyfriend's nuts. Apparently, he'd snuck in through her window. FML
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I'm just trying to imagine what happened after you walked in... FML

What a great girlfriend. She obviously doesn't like fuzzy nuggets.


I'm just trying to imagine what happened after you walked in... FML

Yep, that must have been a pretty close shave.

I can't tell you what would happen if my dad walked in on that. It would involve a wooden bat, aimed at my boyfriends head.

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Thats why it builds trust in a relationship

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33: probably start at one and end with the other....

I'm desperately waiting for OP to follow up.

I hope someone (who can draw) illustrate this one.

After OP follows up and with details.

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3- Probably because when you do around the back side of your ball sack, you're blindly dragging a blade by your jewels. Safety first, everyone! Get a partner to help you reach the questionable, or so I've heard. ;P

I'd get a mirror and would attempt it myself. How do you relax when someone with a blade is near your balls? There's no way I would trust anyone else when tending to my lady garden.

What a great girlfriend. She obviously doesn't like fuzzy nuggets.

7- If he's going for the bald and beautiful look for her, then she's not that great; he is for obliging her. For all we know, he might love having his coin purse look like he's got Carrot Top in a triangle choke. ;P

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32- gonna have to agree... Did it once for my girl...that ***** terrible when it starts to grow back...thought I'd never walk correctly again!

From that I'm assuming you like the "all natural" look on your girl, if not, welcome to Hypicrination.

58- Well, if you're asking for a little TMI here, I prefer both my woman and myself neatly trimmed, or at least not outright wild, as I do manscape myself, but in no way does that make me a hypocrite: I never said I preferred the upside down Afro look for myself, just that maybe he did. :)

In response to #32.... yes, he is obliging her. She most likely doesn't want hairy things in her mouth and he wants his things in her mouth so he is allowing her to groom him for his pleasure :)

69, I wrote that in response to 43, which I probably should have stated. How he wrote it makes it seem as if he doesn't care to groom down there much, and in my experience most guys like that expect a very clean shaven girl.

102- Ah, my apologies! That makes more sense. :) Just as a general rule though, I don't hold others to any standard I wouldn't do or expect from myself. :)

Just be glad she was shaving his testicles instead of "servicing" them.

#8-that was probably part of the plan after he washed up. well, if he was planning on washing up...

I hope she didn't slip when you coight them, otherwise her boyfriend may have just become Varys...

On the other hand, if she did, the father would just laugh it off as a lesson learned

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I would have pulled up my jimmies and jump out the window

What is it with you and your "jimmies"?

Not sure, but they sound cumbersome. He should take a cue from the OP and shave that shit.

TyT63 12

just got done shaving my jimmies, I feel better now thanks for the suggestion

so he just got done shaving his pants? what?

your jimmies would have already been out!

But, WHY? Dude couldn't shave himself? I wonder how that convo started, "hey babe, can I come over so can you shave my pubes for me?"

Too be fair it is an awkward place to shave, and it may have been her idea anyways if she doesn't like them hairy.

Maybe they were gonna get it on and she doesnt like hairy balls so she shaved them?