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By  Jaymail  |  17

Speaking as a man I can tell you that I’d much rather have someone else masterbate me to an orgasm. Are you “forcing his hand” so to speak? Is he satisfied with the number of times you get together with him?

By  drphilipdpark  |  4

Maybe you aren’t doing your job as a wife? Don’t take this the wrong way. Maybe he’s the one staying at home while you are working at an essential job like being a Doctor or nurse.

  smurballs  |  3

Okay but that makes her a better wife? If she’s an easy i all worker risking her life so her husband can have a home and food then she’s an amazing wife.. maybe your expecting too much of women!

By  Jillian Cosby-Kelly  |  15

men are weird creatures. I guarantee you he has a reason that is perfectly sound to him.
I can also guarantee you've put worse things into your sink than something that many humans put directly into their bodies.