By piece of shed - 31/08/2011 14:00 - United States

Today, I walked into my shed to find my daughter's boyfriend asleep and completely duct-taped to the ceiling, with his face painted like a clown. FML
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Uh... I'm just going to put it out there, your daughter might just be super ****** up in the head.

I'd really like to hear how that happened now.....

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what a piece of sh*t! aha, now read OP's username(:

What an idiot. (to be read in hermione's voice)

OP: *opens door, sees daughter's boyfriend hanging from ceiling* *stares* *walks away and closes door*

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.........was he naked.........?

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I think the daughter deserves a hi five. Party win.

wtfk, am I the only one who finds this scary? looking up the ceiling to see a clown...

I'm guessing the power was out for a long time at your place.

Should tell him to stop clowning around in there.

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at least she didnt draw a face on the tip of his penis

Ahh Clowning and roofing in one... Kids these days

your daughter must of slipped him some roofies in his drink.

Haha. It is epic! I want to be taped to the ceiling! Either he pissed her off, or she walke in on you and hubby and got ideas.

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or the young boy had been on a clown chasing expedition when he had come across a baby shed in the open. because mother sheds are so protective and territorial, the mother guarded its baby. the mother shed grew a tongue and when the young boy approached the door the tongue lashed out and wipped the young boy to the roof of its mouth(ceiling of shed) and violated him and left him there unconcious. that is a way better explanation.

I pictured him naked. Duct-tape Bikini...

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I know the power of Duct - Tape

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I would kinda want to be ducttaped to the ceiling..

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Lol I bet it was alcohol, but it was probably the dad that got blitzed and getting even with the bf for dating his daughter. f the bf life, he's family now redneck style.

Um... No. It was most likely the BF's friends that did that to him.

No, it was OP's girlfriend reenacting that seen from "Bonded Clown 2: Red Nose" I'm not the only one that's seen that, right?

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You all numb nuts don't get sarcastic humor, i meant it as, it would of been funny if the dad got wasted to the point where he can't recall what he did the night b4 and in his own was either initiating the bf into the family or just being spiteful cause the bf is dating his daughter.

They either got in a fight or your daughter and her boyfriend is into some kinky shit.

I don't know which would be a creepier reason.

WTF? What kind of party did they have? Sorry I missed it!

I would love to hear the explanation of how that went down.

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Oh my gosh. If that's really your car, you are so freakin lucky. I want it.

Why is this an FML? I would say it's a FHL. I would have gotten my camera and laughed at him till i peed.