By help me - 01/06/2014 15:51 - United States - West Hartford

Today, I walked in on my 15 year old daughter and her boyfriend. They were standing in my bathroom, both naked from the waist down. Supposedly, he was trying to "teach her how to pee standing up." FML
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you deserve it for not teaching your daughter how to pee standing up

txgirl2013 14

Is that what the kids are calling it these days?


Just point and shoot, honey!

Gotta say; "we weren't having sex, I was teaching her how to pee standing up!" The guy is a genius! That's an extremely witty response based on the situation.

#70 That threadjack tho...

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Faith in #2 ruined. Not that I had much faith to begin with......

Why? it's a useful skill to have, public bathrooms are disgusting.

#23, really?! You really think that's what they were doing? You have got to get with the program!

It's not a skill though or something that needs to be taught. You just squat and pee. I'm sure OP's daughter could have figured that out on her own.

lailagothgal 16

How does this involve humanity?

cluelesscher 5

I think that #2 meant that this generation can't think of a proper excuse

Unless he used to be a girl, this isn't even a believable lie. How could he teach her how to use equipment he doesn't have?

Sarcasm. You should learn it, #29.

Some girls can actually pee standing and not just squatting! It usually requires a little bit of lady junk manipulation though ... It does indeed, generally, need to be learned though.

#78, sarcasm isn't the easiest to interpret on a social site. I can't exactly see their face or hear the tone of voice. so how do you all KNOW it was sarcasm?

Brooke5702 13

They made it plenty clear. Please either understand sarcasm or leave. Otherwise you're just going to get down voted again.

#137, ooo I'm so scared of getting down voted by strangers lol even though one of my other comments is getting up voted did it take this long to ruin your faith in humanity?

#133, you sound butthurt. Let's calm ourselves.

txgirl2013 14

Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

If he's into golden showers then more power to him I guess.

Whatever gets him off right?

That's awesome. I laughed quite hard at your response

the case could have been worse.... anyway FYL

sparty48910 5

That went right over your head, didn't it?

you deserve it for not teaching your daughter how to pee standing up

I know right like duh come on people

niamhyo 13

you killed it.

Watch step brothers, the chick on there will show her how it's done.

I'd be disappointed if I were you...

I bet you were pissed off.

And the daughter was pissed on.

There's this thing called math class where you learned the numbers. Why don't you redo the course?

i was referring to the R.Kelly comment.

I'm sure that explains everything...

JMichael 25

I believe you're being lied to.