By help me / Sunday 1 June 2014 15:51 / United States - West Hartford
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  kuzzy00  |  22

Gotta say; "we weren't having sex, I was teaching her how to pee standing up!"
The guy is a genius! That's an extremely witty response based on the situation.

  puffthekraken  |  7

#23, really?! You really think that's what they were doing? You have got to get with the program!


Some girls can actually pee standing and not just squatting! It usually requires a little bit of lady junk manipulation though ... It does indeed, generally, need to be learned though.

By  gauravkunwar  |  12

the case could have been worse.... anyway FYL

  CB_LAZ3  |  11

I know right like duh come on people

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