By help me - United States - West Hartford
  Today, I walked in on my 15 year old daughter and her boyfriend. They were standing in my bathroom, both naked from the waist down. Supposedly, he was trying to "teach her how to pee standing up." FML
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  kuzzy00  |  22

Gotta say; "we weren't having sex, I was teaching her how to pee standing up!"
The guy is a genius! That's an extremely witty response based on the situation.

  puffthekraken  |  7

#23, really?! You really think that's what they were doing? You have got to get with the program!


Some girls can actually pee standing and not just squatting! It usually requires a little bit of lady junk manipulation though ... It does indeed, generally, need to be learned though.

By  gauravkunwar  |  12

the case could have been worse.... anyway FYL

  CB_LAZ3  |  11

I know right like duh come on people