By BabeRuth - 20/09/2013 15:33 - United States

Today, I thought it would be cool to hit a basketball with a baseball bat. Ended up in the ER with seven stitches. FML
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I feel like every FML that starts with "I thought it'd be funny/cool" ends in the same way, and they always deserved it.

seems like you can't handle big balls


I feel like every FML that starts with "I thought it'd be funny/cool" ends in the same way, and they always deserved it.

Redoxx_fml 22

That's cause they "thought" wrong

You're absolutely right. And you'd think these OP's would learn from this, seeing as how they are so visible on this site. So many needless accidents could be avoided.

I'm ops defence, everybody has swung at a basketball with a baseball bat at on point or another

What I don't get is how he ended up injuring himself to the point of needing stitches. How does that even happen?

Redoxx_fml 22

Really 33? Everyone?

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I did that when I was a youngin', 33. I whacked the shit out of basketballs because I then wouldn't have to run quite as far to get it back. All my baseballs wound up in the woods, so that was my little trick to keep it from happening. Never failed so bad I had to get stitches though, maybe you should stick to staying inside, OP, imaginary sports may not be your forte.

33, Wait, you're his defense? How kind of you. Anyways, no one I've met has done that to my knowledge. Maybe evaluate the people you hang around?

The only way I could see this happening is if the ball was on the ground and you swung the bat downward like an axe. In that case...... BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YDI!

I've done that 33. It's called being a kid and having an imagination.

then000bster 16

58 it can be that someone was "pitching" the basketball and since the ball is heavier it overcame his swing and forced the bat back into the person's head. This is probably the most common way :)

I've done that. I've even hit rocks (plus) with a baseball bat. Nothing bad ever happened. The only way I can see it going ER wrong, is if the OP did something like-- hit the basketball while it laid on the floor and the bat ricocheted off it and hit him.

Llama_Face89 33

33- I never have... Golf clubs are another story though.

Look at the adults disagreeing with my first comment. How cute. People know baseballs are what you're supposed to hit with a bat. Every person, whether they're with someone or by themselves will try to hit the larger basketball and see what happens. You must seriously lack an imagination if you don't try it

Or atleast have the common sense that they are more than likely to injure themselves.

monnanon 13

i was under the impression the force of hitting the basketball shattered the bat and he ended up with cuts from the wooden splinters however i do not come from a country that plays baseball so i may be at a disadvantage here.

1 - here's an example FML where I doubt the OP would deserve it: Today, I thought it'd be cool to wake my wife up with breakfast in bed. She instinctively pulled a gun and shot me in the hand, causing me to spill the orange juice on my iPhone sitting on the bedside table. FML. Could you honestly tell me OP would deserve that? You're a douche if you think so, if not then you're not being honest with your original statement. :P

CallMeMcFeelii 13

What kind of women are you sleeping with, 88? All the girls I know wouldn't pull a ******* gun on me if I woke them up. Maybe a punch to the gonads, but shit, I don't think any of them would shoot me in the god damn hand. Especially it I'm bringing them breakfast, haha. Your scenario is ridiculously far fetched, pal.

They need to start putting those warning advisories on Vines...

alan2kai13 3

I just wanna know how this could happen

HAH @ #94 pointing out OTHER people's far-fetched comments!

seems like you can't handle big balls

How the hell did you need stitches for doing that?

RpiesSPIES 27

Hits ball with (wooden?) bat. Bat breaks and splinters. OP receives injury from everything that hit him.

If you try to hit the basketball with the bat the basketball will push the bat towards you face depending how he hit it

If it was a wooden bat maybe it splintered. No tellin though, really. I wonder if he saw the "best of" vine where a guy actually did this and landed it in the hoop.

No joke I broke two front teeth doing this when I was a kid.

Honestly doesnt sound like a thing that would cause injury. Well, as long as the basketball wasn't thrown at him hard... I imagine OP bouncing the ball then whacking it. But clearly my scenario is wrong if OP needed stitches.

We have to do this for softball to keep our wrists strong all the way through the swing and we've had some close calls with the metal bat bouncing back and hitting people in the face

And why aren't there illustrations of some FML's? :/

life_sucks225 13

When you hit a basketball with ANY kind of bat, the bat bounces back depending on the amount of force. OP here didn't know that, and faced the consequences.

I broke my chin like that, I was doing exactly the same when I was a kid.

Sounds like you struck out, Babe Ruth.

Lol badass comment

You learn something new everyday....

DrownedMyFish 18

This is why we need to think things through before doing them.

This is why we can't have nice things.

This is why we have ants.

There's too much story missing here. My imagination isn't creative enough to figure out how that landed you in the ER, do explain further please?

It's an old prank people played. Toss a basketball and watch someone try to hit it with a bat. If its an aluminum bat it rebounds and tags em in the face more often then not.

Or he was hitting the ball to the ground to make it go higher in the air, bat recoiled and struck him right in the forehead. I wish I knew where he needed the stitches, that would help a lot.

isn't it obvious, he hit the ball with the bat then it went through the hoop voiced off the ground, hit a paint bucket, which then landed on an open grill causing it to burst into flames exploding in a fiery inferno which then burnt down the neighborhood and in a panic OP tripped over crack in the ground and when they got up got punched in the face by a umpalunpa.

Grauncho 27

I nominate you for a Darwin Award.

It is a YDI if I have ever seen one. However, the story does not specify whether OP has removed himself from the gene pool permanently, thereby disqualifying him from the awards.

Is it possible to remove oneself from the gene pool temporarily? I guess if you get revived by paramedics... If that's what you meant 45

monnanon 13

to recieve a darwin award you have to remove yourself from the gene pool either by 1. dying or 2. rendering yourself unable to reproduce. if op cracked his nuts he would be unable to reproduce until they healed but as it is temporary he would not qualify for a darwin award.

So, what did you tell the doctor? You were an idiot, your friends did it, or was it a random jackass with a baseball bat?

I'm sure a doctor has heard/seen worse. Lol

Truthfully, speaking as a Nurse, this falls into the "How the Hell do you manage to cross the street without getting killed?" category. You'll get talked about in the break room until something exciting happens later in the shift, but you won't make any ER's Top Ten list.

Metal_Avenger 9

Did you get stabbed by someone who doesn't like it when you hit basketballs with baseball bats?