By Creepedout - 25/06/2013 01:27 - United States - Clearwater

Today, I walked in on my dad's poker game. He didn't know I was there, and was telling his friends what he would do to my girlfriend if I wasn't dating her. FML
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Maybe he was bluffing?

You can use this against him later.


Maybe he was bluffing?

Bluffing with that great poker face.

He said he would be "All in," and he even invited his poker friend over for a "three of a kind." His friend of course called him on that, and revealed that it was going to be a "full house" in her.

sounds like everyone has an Ace up their sleeves

Sounds like he was going to do a 'Royal Flush' in her. Sounds like OP got dealt a bad hand with his dad.

Poker face. Poker face. He wanna poke her face.

haha thank you. Was thinking the same

well you are dating her, so guess you guys are both safe

Ahem, what 40-50 year old man doesn't occasionally let his mind drift toward the babysitter/ son's girlfriend/ neighbor's daughter? Though discussing it showed a major lack of respect..

On the other hand, he basically commented on her beauty. But I agree, FYL

Poker face like a champ!

Haha..awkward turtle

Cleveland: "That's just nasty"

You can use this against him later.

Maybe he wants you to move out with her, instead of having a full house

Your dad's a donkey

For the people who thumbs him down and don't understand ass is another word for donkey so he just switched em

Ok, ass isn't such a bad word, but if he really wanted to get that point across without swearing, he should have used a synonym for the insult (like jerk or something). Calling someone a donkey is just... strange.

Actually its a poker term for a bad player

Oh.. Sorry, I'm not familiar with poker :p Well I feel stupid now.

OPs dad said he's going shag his sons gf, if she wasn't his gf. It clearly says this in the FML...

#13, did I have to spell out "poke her?"

Yup. Liquor in the front, poker in the rear.

#31, haha, that phrase crossed my mind, too, but I was gunning to post the Second-Best One-Word Comment of All-Time (imma let you finish). First place is a tie for every time that "YOLO" has been the perfect comment. :D

Lofty goal, trying to beat out "ouch", "damn" and the venerable "ermahgerd".

#41, WTF is an abbreviation, not an acronym. I learned from the late, great George Carlin that an acronym is an abbreviation you can pronounce as a word. The way he put it was: "The IRS, CIA and FBI are not acronyms. They're just pricks." RIP, George!