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Today, my new girlfriend told me I don't snore when I sleep. Which is funny, since during the last year of my marriage, my ex-wife would make me sleep on the couch because my loud snoring kept her up. FML
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  MegamiKaosu  |  28

yea same here my bf snores so loud I can hear him in the next room over and my fatherinlaw from the other side of the house and his room is next to ours : ppl ask me how I even get sleep with their snoring
to OP I think your ex wife didn't like sleeping with you o.o or sone thing idk


Wow. You're really that stupid? He didn't snore, that's why it's an FML (even though it really isn't, that's why OP thinks it is). 'Cause she was lying to come up with a reason to get him out of the bed. People on here really are incredibly stupid.

  mystomachurts  |  3

Normally I would've written a comment exactly like #20's .... but it also could be that his new girlfriend is a very heavy sleeper (which I happen to be) Because I have never been bothered by guy's snoring ever cause I never hear it? So his new gf might just not be aware of it?

  AndyL_fml  |  0

You are "here" too are you stupid too?
Doesn't it mean your girlfriend don't want to make you feel bad because your snoring or she didn't even sleep with you, like... you know what I mean.

By  Mc09toofine  |  0

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By  kindness  |  0

it's slack. cos if she didn't want to be in the same bed with him she should have slept on the bloody couch. but. perhaps you did actually used to snore. it is a possibility. even so, it was slack to make you sleep on the couch. she could have used earplugs or something...

By  Anon17564  |  3

It's clear it was just passive aggressiveness from the ex-wife. But, this is hardly FML. It's not exactly a giant leap of imagination to think that your ex-wife was doing these things and it's only a small part of what was happening. Now you found out she was lying and you don't snore. That's good news, surely.