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  ERICA833  |  0

whoa! I'm also 14 and I have never meant my great grandparents and most of my grandparents are dead too... and it all cus my parents waited until they were almost 40 to have me!!!

By  Brave_Sir_Robin  |  4

(takes out a half-full mayonnaise jar) This is the sound of a necrophiliac having his way with the skull of your kidnapped dead great-grandmother.

(inserts and removes fist into the mayonnaise jar multiple times)


@Sirin - Thumbs down? You? On a subject you are very knowledgeable about? (checks his watch) Damn! I never thought this date would come so soon.

@mercy - that sounds like nana all right.

@Sirin - (after reloading the page) That's much more like it. (yells down the office hallway) False alarm, boys.

@CMH - Who said anything about her mouth?

@trizzieb - cool. It's never too late to start contributing...

  xundria  |  5

D= Fml posted my comment in the wrong place..


I'm actually surprised mercy hasn't come in here in a killing frenzy like she normally does for any and all old-people FMLs.

Oh, and HighLife89, I agree with you that mercy is never funny. Her off-the-wall comments and subtly implied references are by no means humorous or cathartic. In fact, I would even go as far as to say mercyFML assassinated JFK and is responsible for the War of 1812.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

A merciless Mercy? This will be scary.

BSR, there's no need to bump off great-grandma. Didn't you see Yes Man? Give her a chance to pop out those dentures and show you what she's learned in the past 80 years.

  YeahFMLxX  |  0

@97.. And this is why FML is going downhill. Comments like this. -.- Sorry to be an ass everyone. *looks around, anxiously awaiting for his comment to be modderated*

  Woodsy007  |  0

@ #98 how does #97 make FML go downhill? I mean really all I said was it made me laugh. what else was I supposed to do? sit queitly and say haha that was so funny. -.- I don't think so.

By  KurouTenshi  |  0

if she didn't freak out, she's a keeper. either way, you deserve it for wanting to "show off" your girlfriend :/ be proud yes, but grow up. she's a human being, not a damn trophy!

  YeahFMLxX  |  0

Mada, in my mind has now become a 14 year old fat kid who plays his DS lite he got for Christmas, complaining Yu-Gi-Oh is just relentlessly kicking his ass today. Damn..

By  adi2  |  0

lmao! ur grand ma wants some? does any1 grand pa wants some? hock them up, they become a match made FOR heaven.
lololol sorry I know I shouldn't have gone there.

By  NewJoisey  |  0

You're right, you shouldn't have gone there. Your grammar is horrible.. I'm sure you can take the time out of your 'oh so busy life' to spell out 'your' and 'ho"O"k'..

  xundria  |  5

It's the Internet. If you think for two seconds people are going to take the time, 2 more seconds of their life, two type out the full word then you're out of your mind. However, you've become no better by trying to correct them. If they want to be that lazy then by all means let them. It's their life; it's not yours.