By VictoriaLeavitt - 25/06/2013 00:35 - United States - Las Vegas

Today, my daughter's obsession with Canada got out way of hand when she was suspended for climbing up the flagpole, in an attempt to replace the flag with a red-and-white maple leaf one. FML
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OP here. I made an account so I could follow up. For those of you doubting my parenting: in my household, no banshee-like deed goes unpunished. Yes, this was a school suspension, for those unsure, and it was three weeks, which is pretty reasonable. Sadly, this is a continuation jr. high school for kids who've been permanently expelled (I'm surprised no one asked why she's still in school during the summer), where banshee-like behaviors such as this are not rare.

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She has passion for something that's not drugs or sex. Be proud.

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You had one job as a parent OP... Keep her off the pole. And you just couldn't do that, now could you?


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Where does it say that the daughter apologized for it?

Hmmm, I guess my faint reference to stereotypical Canadians was either too faint or offensive...

I luv is very uptight... It was obviously a Canadian reference joke.

Lol I think it went above everyone's head I didn't think it was offensive

I am sorry I down voted you b4 seeing your second comment. It was too subtle

i saw the negative votes and wondered why it was downvoted when the inference was @ the forefront - it wasn't too subtle....!

I got it right away but then again I am Canadian.

well i guess there isnt anything wrong with patriotism

Yeah! And here in Canada we try and replace our flags with the American one... Well not really... Nope never mind

As a Canadian, I appreciate the joke :P

She has passion for something that's not drugs or sex. Be proud.

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But vandalism isn't a great obsession either.. Or defacing an American flag, how some would look at it.

One step at a time, buddy, one step at a time.

#62 it would probably be safer to say How I Met Your Mother might've had something to do with it instead of Justin Bieber.

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And Canada was all like, "Why you so obsessed with me?"

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Canada is Awesome! That's all...

deepunder 17

...Or not! It's nice and cool. Also not nearly as many factories. Or people. Or pollution. Maybe there a correlation here, eh?

You clearly have never visited Ottawa. It's hot as hell here in the summer. Pretty sure this city reached 42 with the humidex. Q.Q

75 thanks for the warning. I'm in Toronto which isn't too bad, but I plan on going to Algonquin College in 2015.

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Yes that's correct in Toronto as well.

She just wants to ride our pristine moose over to the store to get some maple syrup and bagged milk,Then of course go to Tim Hortons. That should be everyone's greatest ambition.

The problem with Canada: Summers are too hot, winters are too cold.

This is ridiculously true even though I love Canada this is absolutely true where I live in canada

181- that depends where in Canada you are, actually. Here in Nova Scotia we have lots of ocean to keep the temperatures regulated. Not too hot in summer, not too cold in winter. I could go into all the super fun details of how and why that works but I'm not in the mood to be all science-y so you're on your own. It is a fact, though!

obviously you havn't been living in alberta for the past 5 years. Weather is all out of whack... won't stop raining in the summer...

219- Yep, in Calgary here, I'm surprised the stampede is still going down with the flood and what not!

Our taxes aren't even that insane haha and it's a lot more convenient not having to worry about huge hospital bills while someone is sick or having to pay to ride in an ambulance.

Taxes aren't insanely high, but they ARE high..... gotta pay for the healthcare system somehow right? Canada chooses to put the tax money towards healthcare and taking care of its citizens, rather than putting it towards the army and going off to far off places, sticking its nose everywhere and policing the world according to how it thinks everyone should run their own countries. A different set of priorities.

40- Actually we do have to pay for riding in an ambulance. Not a huge amount but the fee is there.

And if the Canadian government ever wanted to really screw someone or a certain group of people, they could simply refuse them their medical care, or **** with their medical care some other way. Not saying it would ever happen, but that's why so many people are wary of government health care here in the states... Kind if like how a lot of people are wary of the IRS and NSA right now.

Canada doesn't need an army anyway. I think that if there was a world-wide attack the last place that would get attacked would be Canada. They don't try to be the hero like other countries. (BTW, I live in the U.S. so this is unbiased)

@83 I think you've missed the entire ideology of Canada... We'd never cut healthcare from any of our citizens; we strive for equality whenever we can.

@89, I didn't miss anything. Did you miss the part where I said "I'm not saying that would ever happen?" I'm just saying why many Americans rejected the opportunity to acquire a Canadian-type health system here, among other reasons. America is supposedly about equality too--it's the subject of the opening line in our Declaration of Independence. Yet that didn't stop the IRS from royally ******* people of certain political persuasions.

And soon the IRS will be in charge of enforcing the Affordable Health Care Act. Needless to say, that doesn't sit well with a lot of people.

Okay let's clear up some stereotypes against socialist Canada. We do spend money on our military! We have a military I was in it so was my husband and brother and sister and several friends! Our military isn't quite like the states but we went over sea's and helped in World War II that's why we call out music awards he Juno awards after Juno beach. Back to health care though you know what I pay for prescription drugs $0 because I have insurance and even if I didn't which would probably mean I didn't have a job social assistance would pay for most if not all. I get to see doctor for free for any little thing and can go to any specialist also for free. I had a EKG done (which was came back fine) and that was free. When I have a baby I'll be taken to a semi private room or if my extra insurance covers it a private room and when I leave with a healthy baby that too will be free. The only time I've had to wait for an extended period of time was at the emergency room and I feel on my hand and it swelled like a balloon but it wasn't broken so more important cases went first. OTC meds are cheaper here too because it's government controlled they control costs so it's affordable for everyone things like voltern enamel gel cost $10 compared to the states whopping $40. Everyone uses the health care system at some point are you so against having a little taken away often to go towards when you absolutely need it? I'm glad having a baby won't cost me $12,000. Good for your daughter OP for appreciating a country that cares about it's people and people from all over the world.

Actually 88, we have the most fresh water in the world. If a country wanted our water as bad as the States wanted oil from Iraq, we could find ourselves under attack.

Working in pharmacy (in both retail and hospital settings) I truly appreciate the government health care. The hospital I work at is an oncology hospital, and seeing the price of those medications I am more than willing to pay taxes towards helping these people. I haven't needed a hospital yet thank god, but when I do I'm glad to know I can leave without worrying about a new debt.

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61, Canadian forces went to Iraq and Afghanistan. They were all hush hush about it though. They used small groups to take out persons of interest. I didn't believe it, I mean it's Canada and all haha, but check it out.

104: You're joking right? Nobody's going to start a war in order to "steal your water"

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Wars have been started for less.

#137 I didn't say Canada doesn't fight, or that we don't have a military (Canada has been part of most, if not all major war operations globally) I just said that we don't throw a massive chunk of our dollars towards it, we instead choose to fund healthcare to take care of our citizens instead of arming up with expensive weaponry to go around killing others

179 WW1 started over a sandwich (type that into Google and you'll see what I mean)

162- they could, actually. Fresh, drinkable water is a limited resource and if we reach a point where other countries are desperate for fresh water and realize that we pretty much have it all, they could conceivably decide to "steal" our water. Not saying this would happen any time soon, but in the future, yes, it is a possibility.

Next time you're at the store, look at the prices for a bottle of water, then look outside at the price of gas. Compare them volumetrically in terms of pricing, you will be surprised.

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First of all stop saying it is free. You had no upfront costs. You probably pay more in taxes then what you actually get out of the health care system. For a young healthy person they get screwed with the taxes. Also because of the system like you said you can go in for anything, which actually drives up the cost of health care which they would need to charge more in taxes because of how much people use. The healthy people get screwed over while the unhealthy get their moneys worth. The money you pay in taxes doesn't go towards you, it goes to the people who are using the services now. If you live old it could equal out more but in the end you might be paying more for the services since it is used so much. I do not know the numbers though. I do know that people, especially older and for expensive treatments, have had to wait for longer periods of time to actually get the money for the procedure or even tests. People have even died waiting to be treated. I know this because I have heard actual people talk about their parent who died waiting to get tests or treatments. From what I hear the Emergency room's are more crowded and the wait is longer for even when people have somewhat serious injuries. Oh yea, also the reason meds are cheaper in Canada then the States is because the price is regulated. Since the price is forced lower in Canada the med companies have had to raise the price elsewhere like here in the States. So thanks for screwing over our prices a little bit. Now of course theres good stuff about the system such as being able to get treatment. That was the goal but there are drawbacks. I believe about 1/3 of businesses money is actually taxes and 2%-5% is profit. Don't take my numbers as fact because this is done from memory. Now here in the states the system is broken. It wont magically be better because of "Obamacare" (forgot the actual name) and there is def things that can be done to improve the system here but they aren't being done and I don't know if they ever will.

We have that in England too. The Americans just abuse us about it...

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You had one job as a parent OP... Keep her off the pole. And you just couldn't do that, now could you?

and now I have to find that Chris Rock special so I can get that out of my head

I'm more impressed with how well she can climb a pole...

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wow that's dedication... eh...

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Oh Canada!! Thats great....if I knew where you were, I would send her a maple leaf.