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Today, I stayed in a hotel near the college I was applying for a scholarship. We were eating breakfast and there were some other applicants in the breakfast room. As we walked away, my mother yelled, "My daughter's gonna get this scholarship so there's no reason for you muddafuckas to show up." FML
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Well.... at least she didn't tell the school that you're lazy and would only disappoint them.

HowAreYouToday 34

Did dem modahfuckas leave after that? If they did you can't really complain.


You only posted this because you couldn't think of something worthwhile to say, and you were time crunched to be first. We have you figured out.

HowAreYouToday 34

Did dem modahfuckas leave after that? If they did you can't really complain.

xblair 11

It's gonna be hella awkward if all of them got it

ciumegu 6

Best mom of the year award?

Yes, because #25 replied to comments already posted but then wrote about the original post.

49, 25 got thumbed down because they repeated what 5 already said. It seems like 25 said it first because they're closer to the top of the comments. But that's only because he/she thread jacked. And THAT is why 25 is getting thumbed down. Hope this helps (: I'm off to go lick a window now.

They probably left due to the fear of OP's mother. Unclassy and sounding like a psycho will clear any room in a second. I would have left my mom there.

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Wow classy. But if you ignore the muddafuckas comment then it's really cool that she believes in you so strongly

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Whoo! Go Mom! Lmfao

Well.... at least she didn't tell the school that you're lazy and would only disappoint them. SOME mothers we know.


#3 lmfaoooo that fml was hilarious too xD

*Cough cough* MY mother...

At least she has faith in you. It's awesome to have a mother support you like that.

It's great that she supports OP, but I don't think this is the best way to show her support, especially if she's going to tell the university board that they're stupid muthafucka's if they don't accept OP

82-She said that to the other applicants, not the board.

Mother of the year right there.

This is more of an embarrassing mom story.. But we all get those and my resolution to them is to play along because most people can relate So don't awkwardly turn super red and storm Out. Start having fun with it, most people would understand or at least think you're fun

Demotivated the competition, it's a classic move, usually followed up with a sharp elimination of the now demoralised opponent, with either wit, cunning and a good lawyer, or blunt trauma to the skull... Whichever takes your fancy.

How can you not be embarrassed? That is terrible of her mother to do! I wouldn't be able to contain my embarrassment!

@29- you must be a /very/ fun person to hang out with.

I agree 29, an embarrassing mom story would be like a mother showing up to a middle school class because her son/daughter forgot their lunch, ops mom's exceptionally embarrassing and unusual because most parents wouldn't do that.

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Actually 37 the only embarrassing thing that came out of those kinds of situations was the fact that all the guys asked me if my mom was my sister and if she was single. Then they would comment on her butt to me.

At least your mom has confidence in you and isn't doubting you like a lot of parents would.

At least your mother has confidence in you getting that scholarship.

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If one of dem muddafuckas shows up, Momma might have to pay more for your schoolin'. Looks like Momma was T.C.B. -- takin' care of bidness.

iOceanus 18

Naw, she might pop a cap in there asses.

perdix 29

#30, that coulda been a good reply if you didn't make such a basic grammar mistake. It's "in dey asses."

I wish there was a "laughed really loudly" button instead of just thumbs

I read that in the voice of Forrest Gump.

Pride before the fall eh? I feel you, homie.

No stupid puns? I am impressed

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

Your mom is such a boss, you're lucky OP.