By Dooh - United Kingdom
  Today, I've found out that since beginning my new heavy workout regime, my testosterone levels have gone through the roof, making me constantly horny. My girlfriend lives on another continent. The reason I'm working out so hard? To impress her when I see her next. FML
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  tanneriscool  |  2

You two just can't stay loyal with anyone or have never been in love. Once you find someone that you love enough to not cheat on and trust, you'll understand. Until then, quit shitting on others relationships.

  Rachel1987  |  4

I must agree with 15. Long distance relationships are so romanticized but they aren't realistic. The only reason to maintain a long distance relationship is if you are going to school and your significant other is "back home" and you plan to return there. If its an online thing you should really end it and find something real. Good luck op!

  HandsomeRatch  |  20

That's weird, my LDR has been working for over 2 years and it's still going strong. And yes, it's an online thing.

It requires a lot of effort and communication to make it work, but it CAN work just fine.

  BeccaHugs  |  17

To everyone saying "find another gf," you are giving aweful advice. Maybe OP realizes that relationships can be built around love rather than sex.

  bbianchi13  |  0

They can work. My gf and I have been together for almost two years and she lives on the east coast while me on the west. I've seen her about 8 times and we met online. They can work, it just takes a lot of dedication and loyalty.

  Calyx_fml  |  21

She's your gf not your wife. You dont have to dump her but you are well within your rights to get some action on the side. I'll bet she is. Talk with her about it.

  millionz4184  |  2

That it madness!! It's cool that it works for u. I don't have the strength to do it. When my ex left for the West Coast, I told her I loved her, and to live it up and enjoy her life. We were young and in the military.

By  HandsomeRatch  |  20

OP, my boyfriend can probably feel your pain right now.

Long distance relationships really suck when you're horny as fuck.
.. I didn't do that one on purpose. ^

At least it'll all be worth it in the end!

  Melissa92_fml  |  13

Kinda agree with 50. I'm in a long distance relationship too. My boyfriend is in America and I'm studying in England but I'm originally from Gibraltar. We're thousands of miles apart and also get horny. Phone sex/cyber sex is just working with what you've got at the moment.