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Today, when I excitedly announced to my mother-in-law that I was pregnant, she looked at me with a blank expression and asked me who the father was. She's 45. She's not senile or suffering from dementia, but apparently just suffering from being a chronic bitch. FML
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You should have told her about it AFTER she had finished rounding up the rest of the Dalmatians, she might have been in a better mood then.

And now we see why the letters of "mother in law" rearranged spell "Hitler woman"


You should have told her about it AFTER she had finished rounding up the rest of the Dalmatians, she might have been in a better mood then.

bitches be crazy! mazel tov for the baby.

CBD (Chronic Bitch Disease) is the worst. My siblings & guardian figures suffer from it.

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Don't make fun of someone with CBD. It's a serious illness. An epidemic on this fair planet.

It seems like my whole family suffers from CBD.

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Statistics say that if you do not know someone with CBD, chances are you have it.

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If you rearrange the letters in 'mother-in-law', you get 'woman Hitler.'

insanelyXnikki 18

Wait, shit... someone else already said that. Oh well, point still stands.

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I didn't know that Raoul's parents are still alive!

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it takes fourth two muscles to frown, but only four to extend your arm and slap that bitch.

Call Wayne Brady and tell him it's time to choke a bitch!

Ha, Sounds like a reincarnation of my mother-in law. Ps don't feel bad;) Pss She's out for your soul ._.

63 - damn it ! i accidently thumbed you down /:

Bro what's up with your "about you" section thing with the story about burning down your house, murder, and child molest.. Haha WTF

I knew that was gonna be said at one point of this thread lol

162 - That's kind of creepy that you're checking out random people's profiles. I mean, yeah if 7 had said something hilarious (they did not) or profoundly insightful (they did not) I could understand you wanting to know more about them. Otherwise, it's just stalker-ish.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

176- I think it's pretty stupid for people to say that, and even reference it in their profile. It's not like anyone is spying on you. You do have control over what people see. If you don't want anyone to "stalk" you or "creep" on your profile, then just leave it blank, or don't put anything you wouldn't want them to see in the first place. If it's on there, it's meant to be seen. Problem solved.

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can you explian it to me to be understood more easy? i cant get it actually

chlorinegreen 27

202- I have seen you comment a couple times. You always seem confused by what people say. Is English not your first language? Or is something else going on? Anyways if you have questions feel free to write me :)

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Your story was very inspiring #7

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Should have said "who knows" and walked away

#202 #207 i didnt know what #106 were talking about...

63- i thumbed you up just because of your about me section

Why was my comment thumbed down? All I did was ask a question....


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I would of been like bitch please

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if you rearrange mother in law, it can make out: woman Hitler. but yes, she's a chronic BIOTCH

MichellinMan 20

oh shit #3 already said that. my apologies.

MichellinMan 20

oh shit #3 already said that. my apologies.

Everybody always cracks the "woman hitler" joke on a Mother-in-law FML. Same way with "that's a shitty situation" for FMLs involving feces... Not that funny anymore guys... Just somewhat irritating.

MichellinMan 20

73-then why does #3 have thirty thumbs up? I swear I've never heard the woman Hitler joke. but it can't be as bad as "a shitty situation" I apologize. again.

82 - It's not, I promise, but these overdone jokes just tend to wear down after a while. But I don't understand why 3 has that many thumbs up, it's not my place to say though.

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142, It's old to you, but for every person that's seen it or heard it before, there's several more people who haven't. Just because something's been invented or discovered a while ago doesn't mean everyone will know about it. Hence, all the thumbs up. That doesn't apply to stupid jokes like the "sticky/shitty situation" ones, though. At least when a fact's novelty wears out, it's still a fact and has a little more significance than a lame joke. I find it best to just ignore comments like that.

And now we see why the letters of "mother in law" rearranged spell "Hitler woman"

FMLContinued 3

It's "Woman Hitler". Get it right. If you're going to tell a joke, at least don't steal it from another FML or reuse an anagram that's been discovered years before this.

:( I didn't steal it from another FML I didn't even know it was written there. And you're right, "woman hitler" my bad...

11 is just mad because 3 misspelled 11's name wrong. Woman Hitler would know how it's own name is spelled.

As far as I know, the letters in "mother in law" can spell both "woman Hitler" or "Hitler woman". Maybe I'm wrong, but isn't it basically the same thing?

Wow, way to carry on 11. The letters are the same which ever order you use, so calm the f down.

Personally I think Hitler Woman sounds better.

FMLContinued 3

No need to go apeshit. Just speaking my opinion. Get over it.

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#25 o.o you look like monro chambers from degrassi...

Lol. Apeshit? Well I think it's only fair since you bashed another commenter for no good cause. At least the grammar nazi's have a good reason (most of the time) Btw. As an off thing- did anyone else notice the FML with te teach yelling at a kid till he cried disappeared???

Yeah I realized some FMLs tend to just disappear randomly. There was also one about a person being outsmarted by a toaster, which was posted today but deleted in a couple of hours.

#138 That's probably because people were calling her a bitch, ****, and saying that she'll burn in hell. The moderaters tend to delete FMLs that have too many negative comments before they get out of control. Or put them under Flop.

I hav been on whole day, and I haven't seen that one

It was some dumb kid stealing an old FML, nothing to do with the comments obviously.

#151 Basically a teacher posted an FML about yelling at a kid till he cried for reading a note in class. Turns out that when she read it, it was his mom wishing him a Happy Birthday and saying she loved him.

Omg he really does look like Eli from degrassi!

ShroomsOnAcid 16

150 - When FMLs have too many negative comments, they delete the offending ones and close the comments section. The FMLs go under "Flop" when they have too many YDI votes.

152- Is it the one where the kid has a note during a test that has something like "good luck love mom." The teacher goes up rips the test in half right?

Llama_Face89 33

11- does it really matter? There's no need for the hostility, calm down.

I noticed that, and the one where the girl complained about not hearing that her sister had given birth because she's not on Facebook

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What about the one where they named their wi-fi network "hack this if you can"?

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I sed he looked like Eli :( u guys just don't know his real name do you? It's Munro chambers (like I said) it looks alot like him o.o

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Ummm #133 you are kidding right, mother iN law. notice the N in the word in.

I would've said "your husband". Don't worry my mom suffers from this too, congrats on the baby.

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sounds like everyone's mother in law.

Sounds like I don't have a mother in law. Because I'm only a child.

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Try not to smack her OP, you'll regret it. Play it off like you didn't care.

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I recommend a brief stint in the psych ward. Should cure her of all her problems ^_^

Yet your the one shooting a gun, got to love America

not since they band banned shock therapy

ignore band I don't know how that got there

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Yes, 126, because shooting a gun makes you a chronically insane murder who will one day burn down a pre-school and shoot up an old folks home. Please, for the love of god; educate yourself.

*murderer If you're going to tell someone to educate themselves, try not to be grammatically incorrect in saying so. It helps ;).

Fourteen is shooting at what looks like a shooting range. 124's pic includes a tank and man holding a gun. Who the **** are you to judge 14, 124? Some peoples children.

Whoops, I meant 126. Sorry 124. And 126, it's *you're. Not your.

Tell her you're not sure, but her sonny boy will still be legally responsible for her love child.