By mattttbob - 04/02/2012 10:16 - Australia

Today, I realised my girlfriend only has sex with me to make me exercise. FML
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Doesn't matter had sex.

Nothing wrong with that!


Nothing wrong with that!

Well something tells me you should plan an intense "workout" schedule.

On the bright side, she could be making you clean or do chores. If all girlfriends were like yours, we would all be in shape.

I agree, i see no problem here i wish my girlfriend would do that for me...not that i have a girlfriend or a weight problem...but still i'd be nice.

Doesn't matter had sex

I've been giving my boyfriend a good workout ever since we started hooking up. I'm not in it to have him exercise, I just simply like having sex with him. I'm sure it can be a little over whelming though for OP, my boyfriend tells me I'm a little too much to handle at times.

Are you seriously complaining about that? That beats the hell out of going to the gym with a bunch of sweaty guys! No one is going to have sex with you there! hope...

I don't see how this is an FML!

I think the problem OP has with the situation is that she doesn't do it for enjoyment. The sex may be amazing for him but if she isn't really into it then that sorta sucks.

My gosh 39, that story touched my heart! and many other places. Please tell it again!

I don't see the problem..

I do the same thing with my fat girlfriend. it only becomes problematic when she confuses my member for a hot dog and bites down .

39 - Wow I for one am amazed at your modesty

Someone ALWAYS beats you to the first comment..

Eat more sex more that's a mans dream

I can't really say ydi, but somehow fyl doesn't really apply either....

39- How does that in any way relate to the FML? O.o

I believe this is called "sexercise."

If you do it right, you can burn 350 calories an hour ;)

OMG. A smart and pretty girl. you better put a ring on her finger before someone else discovers her awesomeness. To think a girl who has sex purely so that her boyfriend can get in better shape because she cares about him so much. I will take her off your handsif you don't want her. You Ungrateful narrow-minded dimwitted, nitpicking little man. Most likey metaphorically and " physically". Shame on youuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:0

OP this is not a FML. Most if not all men would not even complain about it. If I were you OP I would try to "exercise" as much as possible.

Umm you are still getting laid lol so chin up

Exercise is good for health.. And practice makes perfect.

But try not to last too long because once you lose weight you might not get laid anymore. Twinkles for the win!

Yea tell her you feel like you can do a few extra sets today

Then thrust faster, make her happy

Yeah! You should be thanking her.

He gets to fuck his girlfriend and get in better shape, life must be rough.

I know right life sucks

Doesn't matter, had sex.

Get creative! Your girlfriend sounds like a champ, she could be giving you diet pills in secret instead.

Well, the membership for that can be pretty expensive

At least she cares about your health

I just want to know if it works...

Yeah its expensive but he gets a personal trainer and tips to exercise more efficently with better results.

Best exercise EVER!!!

Thumbs down just cause your a giants fan

Thumbs up cuz of his profile picture... Ill betray the pats anyday for that. lol

Thumbs way down because you're from Arlington and are wearing a Yankees cap. Talk about betrayal.

Thumbs up if you'd rather watch the US open

*EDIT* Nevermind.

Im jealous of his exercise methods

I wanna exercise with u;)

Tell her you do the same.

Sounds like a keeper and sounds like she cares enough. You obviously need it if that's how she's trying to solve it.

yeah, my boyfriend and I use sex for exercise as much as pleasure, it works the abs hardcore .

Doesn't matter had sex.

And boom goes the dynamite!!! Be happy op!!! :D

Still counts :)

Damn, beat me to it..

Get it in boyy

So, how do you count how many reps you do?

He's unfit.. Their probably slow reps..

Then go lose some weight fatty!

He... Is? That's part of the point to this fml.

But if he loses weight she won't have sex with him anymore.