By Beeh - 24/12/2009 05:31 - United States

Today, I shared the story of my younger brother's unexpected death with a friend. After telling him the story, I looked at him with teary eyes and he looked back into my eyes and said "I understand how you feel. That is almost as bad as when I lost my cat last spring term." FML
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Ellowise_fml 0

Ohh what a jerk :( I'm sorry for your loss...

Death is a competition, didnt you know?


Ellowise_fml 0

Ohh what a jerk :( I'm sorry for your loss...


thecirclingskies 0

I lol'd, but I doooo feel sorry for you. Maybe it was meant to cheer you up, but went wrong.

"almost as bad as"??? wtf FYL

VolleyballSMASH 1

I think her friend was trying to connect having not experienced a death that suddenly or close to the family. or, some people are just REALLY attached to their pets...

Your pet can become apart of your family and a cherished friend. i feel like that with my pets - I'd be devastated if my dog or cat died. are a fool. Even if in crazy world pets were as valuable as human life, why would anyone say "That was ALMOST as bad"?

Death is a competition, didnt you know?

yeah. i bet i die better than you!!

maybe the cat was their best friend?

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90% of the FMLs are fake, it even says so in this apps description!

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some friend (Y)

Ya, sometimes people really try to say something to make u feel better, and it comes out really badly. I'm really sorry for your loss, that is terrible. Dont be mad at your buddy though, I'm sure he wants to kick himself!

babelini 12

i'm sorry for you. but seriously, if your friend had the cat since he was a small kid it will seriously have a deep impact on him too. any death is still a loss. of course losing a sibling is worse but if your friend is an only child/very attached to the cat it will be almost the same to him/her.

I agree

My one neighbour said the exact same thing to my other neighbour when her husband died. It is hurtful to put the same value on a pet as a human life. Perhaps the cat owner has never lost anyone close so just thinks it would feel the same. In my neighbour's case, the (cat) one is a bit of a moron.

"It is hurtful to put the same value on a pet as a human life." No. They have equal value, one life, one death, and should be treated the same. Life is life dude.

girlygirl666 0

I agree. When my beloved dog died a few years ago, one of my great uncles was saying it was ridiculous how upset our family was when we lost her. I was like, ya know what? She was in our lives every day, and was a huge part of our lives and we loved her. We see you like maybe twice a year, so I'm pretty sure if there was a choice to be made between the two of you of who we'd rather be without.....

Pets are very valuable, I was very upset when I lost my dog who was part of the family before I was born, I personally don't put the same value on my dog that I put on my grandmother when she passed. I don't think equating a cats death to that of a brother/sister, husband/wife or father/mother is right. I am sure it is hurtful for the OP to have a cat compared to his brother. I just think they are different types of love and different types of hurt and are not comparable. But that is just my opinion.

#13 i agree, life is life death is death, we should treat everyday death the same way, even if you didnt like someone who died, or if a pet died

look, i agree, deaths impacts are felt differently, and thus we perceive the amount of grief we feel to be the worth of their life, i know i would be sadder to see my mom die than i was to see my dog die, but in the end, one life is put on this earth, and one life shall later depart it. Each life was enormously valuable, yet most life goes widely unnoticed.

Kylias 6

@13 Yeah, sure, life is life and death is death. Would you be sobbing if your close friend's big sister died in a car accident? Why not? Life is life. What about if your close friend's sister's dog was in the car? Would you be bawling your eyes out? What if it was your close friend? That's when you'd be crying.

Hugorgy 0

I agree with #16 the most.

Thunderbender 2

I know I'm going to cry like hell when my dog dies. Its like a member of the family. But no its very sad but not the samething as human dying. Comparing losing his cat to her brother dying is extremly insensitive. But yeh #14 that was really mean of your uncle :(

Would u rather kill ur mum, dad, sibling or ur cat?

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Word, #13, word.

You're right, a life is a life no matter what. That's why you're going to hell for every roach, spider and ant you've ever killed.

MY sister actualy... is that wrong or right answer?