By erjazo - 31/12/2013 21:19 - United States - Morris

Today, I was watching TV with my husband, and he started getting frisky. When the commercial break started, we started having sex. When he came, there were still two commercials left before the show resumed. FML
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Better than him refusing to have sex at all, I guess.

PterodactylMan 23

Take it for what it's worth would apply I guess? Sorry it wasn't exactly what you wanted OP.

To be offered and denied is much worse than getting refused!

Weird_situations 13

Yeah, it's better than nothing

at least you had sex, my gf has the sexual drive of a newborn

I know I'm just playing to stereotypes here, but I'm itching to say this: Going by your username, being a Redneck, I suppose everyone is fair game to you. Even newb--... ***punches self in mouth***

"It's a sexbox! And her name is "Sony".

Trick is, do things she would normally do. Do dishes, cook, clean, whatever then when she has nothing to do set up a romantic setting and take her to it.

#91: I don't think OP had sex of any meaningful duration much less quality to qualify it as such - at least at that moment in time, which I would never deprive then of my gf/ wife/ lover.... :-(

Bad sex is worse than no sex. It's a waste of time. You can use those minutes to do something actually satisfying. Her spouse needs some training. It's not something that can't be fix. On the other hand if he is selfish and doesn't want to fix it because he doesn't care... they have a problem.

Very true, if he can't last you're very hot to him!

He was just being thoughtful! He didn't want her to miss any of the show!

Who knows how long the commercials were. I wouldn't be surprised if it was actually an infomercial break, complete with 60 minutes of why you should buy some piece of shit steamer that has the name of an aggressive sea creature. Sorry OP, maybe you need to stop using AXE bodywash.

Sir_ND_Pity 35

16 - That's what I always tell my girl! That doesn't quite cut it for her though. She calls me "minute rice" :3

#2, loving your pic on here ;D! The irony.

Some guys just want to be early for everything. I say fyl and fhl >.< sorry op.

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why on earth did u feel the need to share this??

I had that problem until the doctor took me off Celebrex. Later he said that some **** stars take it to last through the whole scene.

WTF ^^^ you must not have read the comment that no one cares but instead added to it. yuck

Well there seem to be about a hundered between every two minutes of actually show. And he got a head start lol

What if it was the infomercial channel?

Hey, at least he WANTS to make love to you!

well you married him. I'm guessing either this doesn't happen often anyway, or you have already decided to accept it

with all the commercials they have now, that aint bad..