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Today, I turned 35. I was given my first-ever orgasm by the best lover I've ever had: a massaging shower head from Wal-Mart. That I bought for myself. It was the only gift I received. FML
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that is a serious FML comment right there. F your life ... seriously

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kate08_fml 0

that is a serious FML comment right there. F your life ... seriously

Why would a showerhead need to massage?O.o *threadjacks shamelessly*

it's not a massaging showerhead as such, I'm guessing it's the streams that apply pressure so it would feel like a massage on your head/back/other.

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Go on a dating website , your probably too shy

Reenact that display in public and maybe you'll get some action

FYL indeed, I sincerely feel sorry for you.

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You could try batting for the other team. Some times I feel sorry for straight women and what they are missing out on. All of these stories about women never reaching climax during sex and I just wonder why lesbianism isn't more popular. While the shower head has a 100% success rate, I can say with confidence that my GF has about a 95% success rate and they are a thousand times better than what the shower head can do. Good luck to you.

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#190 What the hell? I'm not even sure if you're serious, but what she's saying is completely true.

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If she didn't have her first ****** until 35 I think it's fairly obvious it isn't any guys fault.

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you think. you have no way of knowing when she fakes it.

Technically its not a gift if you bought it for yourself. If you had have given it to somebody to give to you that would have been ok though.

Nonsense, she may have given herself the gift, but the gift gave her ******! Now I know what to get when someone asks for the gift that keeps on giving...

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you need to buy yourself a rabbit or a form6... more $ than a shower head, but less drama than a boyfriend, (or a girlfriend)...


Well..happy birthday..and look on the bright side..Your VERY self-sufficient..Put THAT on your resume', lol!!!!!