By Anonymous - 12/12/2010 02:20 - United States

Today, I got married. Tonight, I received the best orgasm of my life. Not from my husband; from the jacuzzi tub in our honeymoon suite, where he was passed out drunk. FML
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on the bright side..... you had a good ******

****** =win husband=fail fact that you married him= unexplainable


nope nvm I'm 3. At least OP ,had an ****** on their wedding night . That's at least a Semi Win. Fail for marrying a stupid husband.

hardly, easy solution buy a jacuzzi that way you get your ****** and he gets you to stfu.

you shouldn't really complain, you got a husband and an ******. that doesn't really sound that bad

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Stop being a selfish bitch! it's the best night of his life he's bound to get pissed.

I didn't think people like this existed.

so keen for a war job a nice wet eat hole

The fml, is that her husband can't give it to her. That is sad!

haha 87 ;))) hopefully he didn't piss in the jacuzzi while , at the same time , his wife is mixing her fluids in . Gonna be a stinky jacuzzi ;X

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at least you had some action - I didn't have any on both my "first nights"

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op probably doesn't have to buy a whole jacuzzi, just a pulse massager attachment to the shower.

on the bright side..... you had a good ******

let's say at least she got married and is having a honeymoon.

id find out what brand the jacuzzi is. lol. but yeah, that sux. fyl.

oh yeah, gotta be dem sexy jets. makin women ****** everywhere.

There you go, something that was bad (your husband being passed out) turned into something good for you ( ******)

JUSTIN!!!! I AM THE BIGGEST BELIEBER!!! (Is that how you spell it?)

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Maybe you should have watched how much he drank? I dont know, just a suggestion(:

****** =win husband=fail fact that you married him= unexplainable

Everyone gets shit faced once in a while. he obviously was celebrating a bit too hard but that doesnt mean hes a bad husband or a bad choice. i bet youve been really ****** up before because i know i have

yeahhh he was just sooo thrilled that he celebrated too much I'm sure he still loves u or why would he marry u

Because how good someone is at sex is the only consideration, right?