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Today, it's my sixteenth birthday. The only gift I got was from myself: a positive pregnancy test. FML
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seriously, whose fault is that? --'

kids do the darndest things. is protection a dirty word or something now a days? just be lucky you did not get AIDS. might want to get tested for that also though.


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atleast you can be on 16 and pregnant :D

FFML_314 11

Now there's something to be proud of. YAY OP, NOW YOU CAN BE FAMOUS! No, this is horrible. Children shouldn't have children. Learn some self-respect, OP.

lmao! good job ;)

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16 and pregnant. More like 16 and irresponsible.

#8 is correct. OP - You deserve it, use protection next time.

Whores will be ******.

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Either she is a whoreslutbistch or she doesn't know the rule of, glove it before he shoves it.

OMG 8 lol she was probably kidding! And yes I agree, young people should not have babies! I got pregnant in high school, and found out right before my 17th birthday. It was so scary and so hard, but I am a great mother and I love my son more than life itself! But this is, in fact, a rare case!

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She's not a *****. You goddamn keyboard warrior

just because she is pregnant doesn't automatically mean she's a *****. perhaps (unlikely) the protection didn't work? sometimes that happens.

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People always comment "Oh, well maybe the protection didn't work!". Do you have any idea how unlikely that is? Condoms have over a 95% prevention rate on their own, and when used with birth control pills, it's over 99.9%. OP almost certainly was not using protection, or was using it wrong.

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agree with number  but why would u have sex especially unprotected at the age of 

she got pregnant at the age of 16 not 15

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131, she had sex and got pregnant when she was 15. It says she found out in her birthday.

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wow that is really sad. smh

dude this happens a the time why would you feel sorry

darcimckeown 3

condoms aren't that safe. they are usually better to prevent STDs and they can break easily

she might have had protection but was banging a black guy and the condom broke.. that happen to one of my friends

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99 Your comment makes no sense. Just because the protection might not have worked, doesn't change the fact that she was being sexually active at 15. Plus the way everyone is using "*****" is wrong. A ***** is a prostitute or someone who has multiple partners. You have no proof that OP was doing that

wait a darn second.... everyone forgot to say HEPPY BIRFDAY!

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condoms in preventing pregnancy: 98% with perfect use, 82-90% effective in typical use.

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op, if you think you were responsible to have sex at a young age and knew the consequences then you should now take care of your responsibility. have an awesome life. :)

ha amen to that

haha hilarious

the way I see it is if she weren't a *****, her bf would have gotten her something for her birthday, right?

spanelli 16

Wrong. Her boyfriend could be a dick.

ur beautiful

oh stfu. in nature the younger women are meant to have kids. that's why they are so fertile and they produce milk. a 40 year old lady having a kid is disgusting and wrong.

FFML_314 11

There is a lot of time between 16 and 40, you moron.

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I kind of agree with 245, because a lot of cultures have kids at a young age. its just in our upbringing that people learn to think that it's wrong. But of course, you're supposed to wait until you're married, so I think we should just blame the government. I'm sure a lot of younger people would get married if their wasn't a law to prevent it. (: okay, I typed my opinion, I'm out.

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if she was pregnant and was using birth control pill and she was on antibiotics, it can cancel out the birth control and since she's 16 she problem didn't pay too much attention to her gyno when she was told this. BUt the OP is still irresponsilbe and should have used other methods or just NOT HAVE SEX AT 16 .. just saying.

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16 & pregnant.? reallyy.? yayy she can be on a show with a bunch of dumb bitches complain about everything .... damn i hate mtv now... so much for music television....

People In these third world countries have kids at a young age because there life expectancy is short. It's like saying "well women In England during the 15th century got pregnant around the age of 14. So women(little kids) should do the same today". When obviously they had to have kids young since they only lived into their late thirties, early fifties at the best.

252 u look like your 12 you shouldnt be on FML let alone commenting on mature matters

FFML_314 11

You're an idiot. 1. I'm 21. 2. You can't even form a structured sentence. I look no where near 12. Get some glasses, moron.

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185 is right...

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u look like someone I no u from GW.

you have no life, over 3,000 comments? get off the computer

259-I don't really think someone should be abstinent until marriage, just at least wait until your a legal adult.

just because she's pregnant doesnt make her a *****.

you have the coolest tattoo ever!!!(:

I think people are getting the wrong picture. it is ILLEGAL to have sex under 16! she had sex just before her 16th birthday. it is her fault for being so immature. And to those saying "in the 15th century people have children at 14", well, this is the 21st century! Do something about your problem instead of FML'ing about it.

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you stfu... just bc were young doesn't mean we should have kids, it just doesn't work out like that.

327, it is not illegal to have sex under the age of 18, or a lot more teen parents would be in jail. the only case for statutory rape here would be if the father is over 18, since she had sex with him when she was 15. in some states the age of consent is 16 or 17. anyway, fyl op. good luck whatever you do. if you decide to go that way, planned parenthood offers a sliding payment scale.

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#1 EpIc WiN!!

I like you... Hahah(:

Forget about the OP, this sucks for her unborn child. Please put the child up for adoption so that it can have a loving family that is able to provide for it. Being raised by a single mother is not what's best for a child and often times with teen pregnancy the father will not be in the child's life. Choose adoption for the child.

All of you calling the OP a ***** or a **** or some other word with a similar meaning, you don't know the surrounding circumstances. I'm not defending anything she did, but it doesn't make someone a ***** or a **** if she had only one sexual partner, and especially not if she was raped. Obviously, she could've been more careful, because most contraceptives work when A) used properly and B) used with other methods, so she likely screwed up on one or both of those points. But a person is only a ***** or a **** if they sleep around. If she did that, then by all means she is a ****, but we don't know that. :)

you guys are all ******* morons. everyone has their own damn opinion. I was 17 when I had my son I'm still with the daddy I'm in a University and I work on top of that we love our child to death. it depends on the person some get the big picture and settle down others are MORONS so everyone just shut up!! and let her make her own decision.

FreakingFYou 13

#99 having sex before you are 18 or married classifies you at either a **** or a *****. Thales your pick.

no because she found out on her birthday :P duhhh

woah replied to the wrong comment :$

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what? just because she's pregnant doesn't make her a *****. she's the one that got unlucky. stupid yea, irresponsible? obviously. but u don't know her enough to call get a *****.

MrSmOkEwEeD451 2

i hope your not being serious :L

Lol ??? lol

Excuse me but i once read a book and it was about a 10 year old girl who got married its called i am nujood age 10 and divorced she fought for the rights of the girls in her country who were married by there fathers and allowed them to be able to get a divorce so compared to that this is fine

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She found out when she turned sixteen. She got pregnant at fifteen.

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Women are most fertile from 18-39

go get the ru486 pill. take it, have a period, and your problems will be over. otherwise your future will be very difficult indeed.

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lilgirly89102 0

I mean 486??

lilgirly - its a pill that induces miscarriage

if ur talking about the day after pill it only works within 48 hours of having sex. hence the term " the day after pill"

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Then you have have to go into the topic of abortion, which is just as touchy as underage sex (no pun intended).

styphon 5

no. he is talking about ru486, two pills you take days apart. it is also called "medical abortion". most clinics will use it up to 9 wks of pregnancy

You brought it on yourself, It's three months till you're due. Sixteen and living with some trash, No job and out of school.

obviously, we have a rapist in Lincoln Park.


lol #102 that was so beautifully set up and executed, good job

seriously, whose fault is that? --'

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jw, according to ur profile u hAve a girlfriend... so I assume ur not with the father?

Ofcourse it doesn't mean she's a ****. It's so cheap and rude to call people ***** because they don't live their (sexual) life like some people would prefer. But it does mean she's stupid. I strongly believe that anticonception can fail, but that chance is small. The pill is for 98% safe, if accidents happen, they mostly are the result of bad using. Medicins/diarrhea/throwing up/don't take the pill properly can result in less safety, which can result in pregnancy. There's a tiny paper included in every box of pills (and other medicines), which you really should read. The pill (if she used it) can fail, but because OP is still a young teenager, my guess is that she didn't take the pill like she should, and that it therefore is her fault. Just a guess. And condoms alone aren't safe, we all know that. (Oh and 15, that really doesn't matter)

uh yeah 15 STFU! Why does that matter!? It's rare for people to stay together for very long! By the way congrats to those of you who are in long lasting loving relationships! It's amazing!!

I had my daughter when I was 17... the babies don't always think the world of you... don't always love you... and def don't always appreciate everything you do for them... don't get me wrong, I love my kids so very much... just wish I were older when I had them. my daughter is 18 now & graduating this year. no drugs, no babies, good head on her shoulders & continuing her education <3

good point lol

it's called BIRTH CONTROL. Stop being a moron and use it. There's 11 forms of birth control a woman can use. this isn't an FML because she F'ed her OWN L.

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that's the problem, your child shouldn't be your best friend. you are his MOTHER not his FRIEND. You are there to guide him and make sure he's safe. And to try an make sure he doesn't make the same mistake you did. Having a baby is not a game, they are not toys. You should be a mature and responsible adult before you have kids.

There are grown adults out there that I know who shouldn't be having kids. I have friends who are teen mothers who are better then some of todays adult mothers, I'm 17 and had my daughter almost 4 months ago. Shit happens, it is OP own fault, but she human, she makes mistakes like EVERYONE else.

That's exactly the point n you hit it spot on. My mother said she was not just my mother, but also my friend. Look how I turned out. I smoke, did drugs, and she still doesn't know I'm bisexual because he believes it a sin. She also had me at a young age & is a terrible role model(: I cannot be blamed mostly.

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Sure sure u turned out fine but really u shoodnt b having sex in the first place it's a sin. And saying it's ok is just encouraging kids to do it and **** up their lives. Do u reely want a 12 yr old going through this? Or if she kills the baby do u reely want a life to die because someone did something they shoodnt have in the first place? If ur not married don't have sex. If u do ur just asking for a baby. Oh and if u think u love eachother sure u might and sure u might even get married but y not just wait til then. Get some patience And keep ur parts in ur pants.

Not it just implies stupidity

madster007 3

Yeah it means you're a stupid ****

ellielikesyou 3

First time I had sex, I didn't get pregnant. Because I was on the pill AND I used a condom.

Agree with #1. Also close your legs OP.

Also, abortion, problem solved. Maybe you can get one for your Birthday?

hanniegirl 0

abortion is murder

ifyouseekamy666 0

that's a terrible suggestion and I'm not "forcing my morals at u" or wutever but a lot of people are really against abortion, ya kno it is taking someones life.. ugh..

BellaGoBoom 6

Gtfo 67:) no one cares

Ya Kno? Is that some new sort of Chinese food?

Why should the girl kill her baby because she made the mistake of having unprotected sex? It's not fair to punish the baby for the OP's lack of common sense. If she isn't ready to be a mother she should give the baby up for adoption so they can have a chance with a family who wants them.

ifyouseekamy666 0

74 - I care. and 75 - u kno wut I mean so don't judge my spelling

Of course... Not. Horrid grammar is always to me corrected. No matter how "ho" or "cool" you think it is.

ashleerodrigu 2

^Always to be* corrected... Lol

loudema 5

so why is that an fml? you dud it to yourself for not being safe. on the bright side, the stork will have a present for you just before your next birthday!

DarkHelmet 10

damn that blows...Happy Birthday!!

kids do the darndest things. is protection a dirty word or something now a days? just be lucky you did not get AIDS. might want to get tested for that also though.

I'd rather have AIDS.

sparta98 4

Enjoy the rest of your ridiculously short, painful life during which you will probably constantly be using experimental drugs and treatments to avoid your own miserable death by an opportunistic infection. Next time, know what you're talking about please.

RachelBerry_fml 5

you'd rather have aids?? WTF is wrong with you?! Health Class has scared all us small town chickenshits out of having sex and getting pregnant but ya know maybe OP doesnt have a crazy health teacher...

how did Stds exist? Is it from ***********?

Umm no AIDS can NEVER be cured, but a baby CAN BE a blessing

I'd rather have a child