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Today, I tried to lift my girlfriend and spin her around like in a Rom-Com. I started the spin, then heard a pop. The pain caused me to yelp and fall to the floor, dropping her on top of me. I dislocated my kneecap trying to be romantic. She only weighs about 90 lbs. FML
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rg350dx 29

Just tell her she's so beautiful she makes you weak in the knees.

I tie on a cape and try to fly like superman. That doesn't work either.


I tie on a cape and try to fly like superman. That doesn't work either.

I try to clench my fists and go Super Saiyan like usually doesn't work except I get to yell a lot.

rg350dx 29

Usually doesn't work?? Are you telling me you can go super saiyan?!

Do you even lift, bro? Jk I hope you both are okay.

Did you also stick her head in a ceiling fan OP?

So ... A super sperm. Interesting. Be sure to wrap before you tap. :P

hugozac88 22

I like to jump out of trees with an umbrella and pretend I'm Mary Poppins

I like to dance with penguins and pretend I'm Dick Van Dyke

At times, I like to shake trees around when a cat's up on it and pretend I'm Mr. Incredible

How are you going to sit there and try to make fun of men and women who serve their country? The bravest thing you've probably ever done is count your 2 pubes. Any soldier has my respect and thanks! You should learn how to respect them too. It's because of brave service men and women past, present and future that you have the RIGHT to disrespectfully spout utter BS from your mouth and fingertips! #41 you kind of disgust me and you honestly need to learn to respect the people who protect you and your loved ones!

Are you ******* kidding me?? You didn't even happen to notice my profile pic. I'm sorry my username is not referencing my service.I'm in the military as well in case you hadn't noticed. Navy and Army always joke against each other, just as #30 referenced me as a "Super Seaman", which "Seaman" is the term for all sailors. Seriously WTF is wrong with you...

unless of course you think the Army is the only military branch out there, then I have quite a few Marine, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard buddies I'd like you to meet...

What a coincidence, after reading 88's comment, my IQ dropped by that number of points...

Seriously...It's the most "facepalm" moment I've ever had. I get it she may not have liked my Army joke, but to say what she hand went through my face.....

Wizardo 33

#93, that burrito went straight through my bowels as well, her comment was ridiculous smh.

I didn't even smh, I ended up full on punching myself in the face. Excuse me while I tend to my nosebleed...

No sorry i did not click on your profile to look at you. i was wrong on that so to you i apologize an also thank you for your service. its kind of hard to see what you were wearing in your picture and the other pic was really obvious. i thank you for your service too. i just get really offended when i think someone has belittled a service man or woman and have much respect for what you all do. thank you for bringing my error to my attention. to the other commenter: I'm sure your iq was already pretty low. Mistakes happen. Im also sure if he hadn't back you wouldn't have noticed either and would've given a thumbs up because you would've thought the same thing I did. Stuff happens so stop trying to be a d*ck. I was mistaken and I admit that and apologize to him for it. Forgive me for thinking somebody was disrespecting a person serving their country as a rude joke rather than a harmless joke between service branches.

Jen, even if you did not click his picture, he is a big boy he could defend himself if he had a problem with being called a "Super Seaman."

111, no, it was pretty obvious he's a swabbie :) And I'm sure my IQ was pretty high before your blathering, thank you very much.

Until you learn how to capitalize and punctuate, you're not qualified to remark on the I.Q. of anyone.

If that happened in twilight i might actually watch it.

Robert actually tore his bum muscle doing that lol

Has it occurred to anyone else that this girl is underweight?

thatonegirlnic 10

Just because romance is dead doesn't mean you literally try to die for it.

bamagrl410 31

Seriously. First hitting her head on the ceiling fan, and now this.

Romance will never die, don't kill people's dreams...

DGED13 5

do you only weigh 90 pounds as well?

Sounds like op need to gain some muscle!

rg350dx 29

Just tell her she's so beautiful she makes you weak in the knees.

He'll have to start wearing a blindfold when he's around her for his safety.

thebaddayblues 3

This guy is good. I like this guy so far. Stay classy.

That's the greatest save I've ever heard, I'm nearly crying.

rg350dx 29

Have you tried using more lube?

Wizardo 33

Or use a different hole you filthy mcnasty.

syley 5

B for better yourself, C for correcting what you did wrong, D for diligence!

I used to be romantic like you, but then I took a dislocation in the knee.

XxXCrissyXxX 12

Oh gosh, i laughed a little harder than i should have XD I love this comment :D

90lbs huh? I bet you made her feel like she weighs 200lbs!