By soawkward - 26/01/2012 19:09 - Canada

Today, I passed out in the shower with my boyfriend. He just left me there. FML
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Not cool. You can actually drown in a shower :|

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Maybe he was at least nice enough to turn off the shower so she wouldn't have been able to drown.

Drowning in a bath i can understand but drowning in a showrr !?!?! blimey...

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I hope the drain wasn't clogged with hair otherwise you could have drowned.

What I want to know is how she passed out.

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Maybe if you're face down you might drown but shit... I'd rather be warm, than to have the water off and get frost bite.

53, You threadjacked to just repeat what the original comment said...I don't think comments get much more pointless than that...except this one?

Oh come on op, he's a man. He doesn't have time to look after you with all his man shit to take care of. Some people are so inconsiderate...

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Your votes are up and down. I thought your theory was legit.

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Op will never tell us.. Grrr.. I do like this theory though.. Can't believe the bf did that, what an ass.

Yea... He didn't "leave" you there...

Haha. It's what came to mind first. :D

Haha any opportunist would have done it!

Well you can assume that, I mean who takes a shower with a spouse other than to fool around. It's too crowded to both individually shower unless ofcourse you've got one of those massive sauna showers with the benches and strobe lights for mood and all that

Shower = wet. Yea, unlike some people I got the joke :D

It's alright. I sacrificed my comment to get a good one commented up. FML Hero saves the day once again!

38-And this children. Is what we call a moron.

No good dead goes unpunished... (To those late to the party) Original comment was severely thumbed down. I stated the obvious, so people would understand the joke. Frankly, some people just aren't as "clever" as us. Hope this (IMO) redundant point has gotten across.

And your a mean bastard but your comment was funny as hell.

To Mars. Oops, thanks for correcting my comment.

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I'm sure he took a couple of opportunities before he left you there.

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That was actually pretty awesome. Don't know why it got thumbs down.

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It happened to #2 as well. Some idiot either just trolls or misunderstands a comment and thumbs it down, then the rest of the sheep blindly follow. It's a rather frequent occurrence. Perfectly legit comments buried from existence because somebody got the thumbs-down ball rolling and everybody else just couldn't resist.

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I would describe them more like lemmings, once one jumps off that cliff they're all going over without a second thought, but I've seen buried comments get saved when the people who can actually understand a joke, or legit comment come out of their hiding places.

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An even greater curiosity is when the comment is later explained by both its poster and a third party, the explanations get a plethora of thumbs up, while the original comment keeps being thumbed down. That's one thing I will never understand. The internet population really breaks my brain sometimes.

the same works both ways though comments with lots of up thumbs usually continue to keep raising

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even though what has been said is complete bullshit


Well that sucks. He sounds like an asshole.

I think you all misunderstand OP's boyfriend, I'm sure he just left her because she's so cute when she sleeps.

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Yes but you get out looking like a raisin.

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Time to look for a new boyfriend.

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Yes, she could have been raped and mutilated and forced to watch all 4 twilight film on repeat until she eventually gave up and stopped breathing just to spare herself fro such barbaric torture... Does that make this FML any less valid? NO! So stfu.

Please... never work for a government intelligence agency. Your mind is... really ****** up, man.

Really? You can drown in a shower, so it's a bigger deal than you're acting like it is. And considering her lover didn't even care about that, "could have been worse" is a bad judgement to make on an FML.

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i can't even think about watching all the twilights on repeat damn. that's too harsh man.

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How do you know he left the shower on? To much missing information for you to start presuming he left her to drown. I ment it could've been worse by the fact she is still here to make the post. Relax bud.

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Flockz I like the new pic! Nice!

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A lot of relationship fainting going on lately. Hope he had the courtesy to turn off the water.