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Today, I tried to impress my girlfriend by vaulting over the side of a stairway rail parkour-style. Now I feel like I almost broke my legs, and judging by her hysterical laughter, she considers me more of a fool than a stud. FML
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Yes, if you had succeeded, you would've been quite the stud indeed.

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Making a woman laugh is the key to her kingdom.


Yes, if you had succeeded, you would've been quite the stud indeed.

I find anybody that does parkour to impress others deserves their fate. Just a personal opinion....

If people tried to impress me, I would think they're automatic fools anyway.

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Some advice, if you don't KNOW parkour don't do parkour. YDI

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Girls aren't impressed by that stuff... At least I'm not anyways.

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"I tried to impress my girlfriend by...". these things usually don't go well

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#45 People have to start somewhere. When I started I still fell a lot. OP don't take it as a total loss. you still made her laugh and a story to tell...

Well OP you can all laugh at this later it could be a cute story you could both share between you.Or you can dwell on the fact that you have two snapped legs

On the bright side, you made her laugh! :)

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Parkouring to show off is not parkour, as it undermines the underlying principles.

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"Hardcore parkour!!!" like if you knew it was an office quote. :D

That wasn't the smartest way to impress her. Try using a guitar?

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Or a piano... Chicks dig big hands

...what happened to personality and charm? ...manners and intellect? ...Dammit, I was raised completely wrong if this is what works! :O

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14- True, I love a big pianist. (;

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#44 - all of that stuff still counts! You don't want a girl that only falls for you because of your muscles or because you can play guitar.. A woman wants someone who can make them laugh and have conversations with :)

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Guys with big muscles can't walk past a mirror without flexing. I want a man who's more into me than he is in himself...

I love my own reflection and the way my muscles look, but I wouldn't think EVERYone else does. Does that make me conceited or humble?

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I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say you are humble. Lol ;)

If musical ability does it... I may be in luck! Ok, maybe I still should lose 50 pounds...

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girls are kinda like banks when it comes to accepting a man. when you apply for a credit card at a bank they check your three credit scores and girls check three scores when they asked by men 1. wealth 2. looks 3. intellect . if you've a low score on one of them then sorry, you application won't be accepted.

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106 - For 1, if a woman goes by money, she's just a money grubbing hoe. Once that wallet is empty, it's onto the next fat wallet. For 2, unless you have something you can control, women who look for looks are sometimes shallow.

Next time, try vaulting over a guitar. She'll swoon.

Charm makes us interested Intellect, personality, and politeness make us stay.

Sorry OP You shouldve just given her flowers!

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Okay, we'll at least it isn't dangerous!

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Here are some beautiful flowers that will die in 2-4 days. Impressed aren't ya?

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Personally, I like receiving Nokia phones. They last a lot longer than roses.

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Making a woman laugh is the key to her kingdom.

So true, I have always put humor high on my list. Life is something that hits you on the head hard. If you and your partner can not find humor in any situation you are sunk.

I agree. There's nothing worse than a guy with no sense of humor. Humor is confidence. Confidence is sexy. Rawr.

I'll chime in and say that a woman who has a pretty solid sense of humor can steal my heart. If having a conversation with you is as interesting as watching cells divide, then I will likely want to get away from you as fast as possible. |the kid|

If humour is so great, then why does no one like my puns?

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About as stupid as that picture *slaps knee*

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71- repeating someone's joke make it lose its funny.

Don't go through all that trouble, apparently in this day and age all you have to do to get girls is act like a complete douchebag and be a jerk to everyone.

That's so not true. I wouldn't go near a guy who was like that!

What he means is the "bad boy" thing. I know, I don't get it either ...

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That's extra effective on gullible girls.

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I thumbs up but i have to some what disagree from the fact that 1 in 1,000 girls that are pretty (LOL) don't prefer a douche bag of a boyfriend but most do.

Boy: Ya dropped your pocket. Girl: Oh, thank you! Now let's go take a ride in that Mustang your parents bought you ;)

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It's honestly sad how true this can be. I don't even understand women...

At least she's laughing. She could be taking your dumbass to the hospital.

I wonder if attempts to impress women ever succeed

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I read up to impress and smh

9 - guys should just say "hi, I saw you walk in and I think you're beautiful. Do you want to go out for coffee or a bite to eat sometime?". Practice in the mirror if you have to. Simple, sincere, and to the point. Single her out though. Don't do it in front of people. Don't want them to steal your moves or see your rejection if you're not her type.

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105, you should probably attempt a conversation with a girl before launching into asking her out and calling her beautiful. It creates a lot of pressure and doesn't give her a chance to be very interested.

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Just a bouquet of flowers would have done the trick, OP! :)

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Indeed it is. Originality at its best.