By kylie - 15/11/2010 21:17 - Canada

Today, my boyfriend and I were in my backyard goofing around when he tried to pick me up. He couldn't. I jokingly tried to lift him. I did so without much effort. FML
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or maybe OP is extremely fat. just sayin'

Most likely the bf is probably a scrawny person

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#10 that's the first thing i thought . . . lay off the twinkies

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there are all these what ifs but I bet op is just a fat cow.

TheDrifter 23

I'm gonna go with farm girl. Your average fat slob op can barely lift het own arms to eat the twinkle much less bench press her bf looking for it.

oh god, you can lift your boyfriend. your life is ******, alright.

as long as she is dominant in bed I don't see the problem

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she's from Canada & women r chunky there. nuf said :P

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132, no, women are chunky in the USA, not Canada.

3 options: 1. bf is weak, op is small 2. bf isn't weak op is big 3. bf has no clue how to lift a girl (there's a reason women are "carried across the threshold" in the standard way. its the easiest weight distribution)

Lol I'm totally going to sound sexist in this comment but guess you're the guy in the relationship :o

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u don't look Arab u don't look Indian as well I'd say ur american or Canadian

nice nice! you wear the pants now since if he tries to tell you "no" you can just submit him with a triangle

he would be able to lift her if they were on the moon gravity doesn't switch it just dissapears

Sinkhole 26

Gravity disappears? Do you even know what gravity is? The moon definitely has a gravitational field, which is about 16.7% of that on Earth's surface. That's why you're supposed to weigh less on the moon than on Earth, because 'weight' is a measure of the gravitational pull between two objects. If there wasn't any gravity on the moon, you just wouldn't weigh anything.

Actually with no gravity some things would start to deconstruct on the molecular level, the force of attraction is too weak to hold together complex objects of multiple substances. Basically all sorts of shit would happen.

Sinkhole 26

Yeah, you're right, if there were no gravity on the moon or in space, satellites wouldn't orbit the Earth, Earth wouldn't orbit the Sun... there would be chaos. So, there's no such thing as 'no gravity', there is gravity in space. Astronauts 'float' while in space because they have the same acceleration as the capsule they're in, there's no acceleration except for the one provided by gravity.

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Slipknot fans are too hardcore for gravity, guys...

When people say "no gravity" they mean no gravitational field of a massive object (like the earth).

thanks i feel smarter after reading this

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you guys need to stop all this scientific shit.

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You're probably just a little bigger than him and there's nothing wrong that. He could also be weak.

Lol, the funny part is it's not always the woman being bigger, I've had friends the size of grade 3 children pick up giant nephilim children that are in the same grade (9). xD