By 20lbknockout - 20/10/2009 04:26 - United States

Today, I was exercising, laid on my back, lifting weights over my head. My boyfriend thought it would be funny to casually sit by my feet and suddenly tickle them mercilessly. Caught off guard, I started wiggling, laughed and dropped the weights. On my face. FML
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at some point you should have kicked him in the face, or better yet WORK OUT WITH SHOES ON.


at some point you should have kicked him in the face, or better yet WORK OUT WITH SHOES ON.

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fair point, though I too work out without shoes, it makes it easier to go back and forth from weights to yoga to cardio so I don't have any rest time in between. And no I'm not stupidly running around 24 hr fitness without shoes. I use the always empty apartment gym.

Next time you see him working out do the same thing......when he drops the weights on his face laugh at him really hard!

FAKE if she really dropped weights on her face, the last thing she'd be doing is going on fml about it "Honey! Come 'On, we really need to get you to the emergency room!" "Be right there babe!! Let me just post this to! Maybe this time I'll get accepted!"

You know, there is a slight possibility she posted the FML a while after this actually happened?

Or that they weren't very big weights. Still, the bf doesn't really think through things, does he? Why would it not occur to him that this might happen? Hey, OP, I think you and the idiot need to have a talk about your future.

I'd say the nick "20lbknockout" solves the question of how heavy they were pretty good...

yeah, um, about how "today" is automatically added to the beginning of EVERY POST. id be surprised if even a tiny fraction on fmls happened the day they were posted.

I know a guy who did that. He has a scar on his cheek now.

Unless you required more serious facial surgery, consider yourself lucky.. I had a friend in school whose stingy father bought second hand equipment which was a bit rusty after all and one barbell holder broke off and smashed his face so badly that he needed new teeth and a metal plate etc.. They did a good job, but still he never looked the way he did before..

No she was not lucky, just this case was much more unlucky.

YDI, Now you look like Choko in the goonies