By Anonymous - 13/06/2013 16:01 - United States - Walker

Today, I was using a public toilet, when someone in the next stall reached under, grabbed at my low-hanging toilet paper and pulled at it at an insane speed, whispering some kind of weird chant. Then he suddenly stopped, screamed, and ran out. What the hell happened in there? FML
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It might be better to not know, honestly.

Well, technically the toilet is the correct place to release your inner demons.


It might be better to not know, honestly.

Stupid muggles. Clearly he was brewin a potion

a new kind of bath salts... only this time they're after TP, not faces... no bathroom is safe!!

I find this very Florida, I live in offensive!

I'm assuming that you aren't talking about work if you were saying "public", so at least it wasn't a co-worker that you have to see every day.

What does it even matter? It's not like OP saw their face.

I'm not sure why #3 is being thumbed down. It's a good point! She means at least it's not someone he'll ever have to run into again, whether he knows it or not. I know I would be rather uneasy if some crazy wacko like that was running around my workplace!

Well, technically the toilet is the correct place to release your inner demons.

"And you're watching Supernatural."

Don't get to close its dark inside, it's where my demons hide it's where my demons hide!

I love supernatural :D but sounds like a "shitty" experience

It's the ritual that summoned the monster he left in the toilet.

he was summoning the Golgothen

This fml reminded me of the "Ghost in the Stalls" video on YouTube by Olan Rogers.

Yesss! I was thinking the same thing. I love all the weird bathroom stories.

Sounds like this could be a pretty funny Tide Stain Remover commercial.

Or that bear Ultra Soft toilet paper commercial. "Cisnec achkaroc....... Oops sorry took too much!"

He was casting an evil poop spell. Beware.

Sounds like a satanic toilet ritual. Quite common.

Especially in the far east regions of neverland, or so Wendy tells me

Cthulu crawled up the pipes. He needed the paper to finish the ritual.