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Today, I told my son to go clean his mess of a room. He yelled, "Dobby has no master! Dobby is a free elf!" and walked off. He turned 18 a week ago. FML
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That's exactly what I was thinking. Beat me to it.

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To bad he will die in Harry's arms...

Well, once Dobby became free, he left his old masters house..

You need to spoiler alert that stuff!!!!!!

The movie has been out for a year and a half I'm sure the people that cared have already seen it.... Op- that is an fml but still funny

The final book has been out for just over FIVE years, 81. If you haven't read it, it isn't our fault. Nobody is going to put down a spoiler alert for a five year old story.

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Harry Potter will always live on.

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I want to meet this kid and give him a hug. His childhood was obviously awesome.

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Didn't someone's daughter say the same thing in a previous FML?

176. Yes they did but I think it was "you give Dobby new jeans, Dobby is free?" or along the lines of that.

Lol 81 dobby had been free since like, what, book three (?) Oops did I spoil that too?

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I seriously just said that in my mind and was about to comment. But I'm much too late. Wow. Hahahaa...

Anyone who can use a quote from Harry Potter deserves to be treated better.

As soon as I read this I said to myself..."must marry this boy."

176 & 186 it was "Today, after several years of having her help me out by doing household chores, I bought my fifteen-year-old daughter a new pair of jeans. Her reaction was to squeal, 'Master has presented Dobby with clothes. Dobby is free!' FML"

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176 and 186, it was "Master has presented Dobby with clothes, Dobby is free!" :3

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176.That's exactly what it was...she helped her mom clean the house.

Looolll (i actually laughed out loud) agreed #1

Yes, they definitely need a "That's actually really awesome" option next to "You deserved it."

It was a joke dip *****! I read the final book 3 days after it came out! You ******* tards need a sarcasm meter.

Then she can kick him out and he can be a free elf some where else on his own.

And living with his their house.

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She should've kicked him out a year before, he's been of age for a year.

People thumbing down 93- wizards come of age at 17.

47- Umm, I'm probably gonna be living with my Dad when I'm 18 also. Not too many 18 year olds are financially stable to live on their own. Don't want to get real political here, but in today's economy, it's not shocking to see kids wait a year or two to go to college or move out simply because they have to save up some cash

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114-the point is that he's still financially dependent on them. If you're financially dependent on someone, it's not really in your best interest to refuse to do things around the house.

You people are slightly ridiculous. Cause of one little comment he deserves to be kicked out? That's absurd people what's wrong with you?

Well if you gave him an article of clothing he can do that.

GhyAnd I thought you couldn't do anything in the USA until you were 21.

In the U.S., a person is deemed an adult and legally responsible when they are 18. You're thinking of the legal age to drink alcohol.

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But one is considered legally independent until 25.

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Just like that other girl who's mom posted an FML about her daughter saying 'Dobby has been presented with clothes! Dobby is free!' after her mom bought her a shirt.

Well if you gave him an article of clothing he can do that.

It's people like him that make our generation look bad.

It's close minded people like you who make our generation look bad.

You're 18. Your name is ILoveFluttershy. Your entire profile is about your love for My Little Pony and you say that an 18 year old making a Harry Potter reference is making our generation look bad..?

I love love LOVE MLP. Don't make the bronies look bad with your remarks. You're making us look bad.

56- Youre just as intolerant as 6. Stop it. I agree, 57, the only people making our generation look bad are the ones who are so intolerant towards others' interests.

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What's the big deal with my little pony? it's a show for 5 year old little girls. I'm obsessed with spongebob but you don't see me rubbing it in everyone's face.

56 was not being intolerant just make a point at how hypocritical and ironic 6 was when making a statement judging others when they themselves were no better than who they were judging. That is the problem with our generation we are to quick to judge others but not ourselves

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90- It's not a show JUST for 5 year old girls. 6- Really? I'm 17 and happened to think this was hilarious. I think YOU'RE the one who's making this generation look bad.

80, would you please direct me to where I showed intolerance? I said nothing "bad" about MLP. 101 had it right, I was simply stating that 6 had no right to pass judgement for referencing Harry Potter at 18, when they, themselves, have nothing but MLP plastered on their profile. I can even take it a step further. A brony once told me that the reason he is into MLP is because it is a show based simply on love and acceptance of everything. Based on this, I can say that 6 is a disgrace to ponies everywhere for passing such harsh judgement on someone, saying they are making our whole generation look bad. Believe it or not, I am quite tolerant, and was even fairly kind in what i said originally.

90 - We don't shove it in people's faces. And just because it was supposed to be for little girls doesn't mean it has to only be viewed that way. Like you said, you're obsessed with SpongeBob. I'm not being rude and saying it's for five year olds. It's like me asking what the big deal it is with SpongeBob.

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You spelled awesome wrong bro

Harry Potter has changed lives, mine for one. I saw it when I was 5, expected the letter to come when I was 11 and was very disappointed when it didn't. I still secretly wish it would turn up some day. I have grown up with Harry Potter and so has OP's son by the sound of it and now I feel less stupid when the philosophical things I come out with come from Harry Potter. :)

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea SPONGBOB SQUARE PANTS

Oh god. I shudder to think what comments will follow that one.

I feel like we have lots of problems about our generation now.... ):

Every time I read or hear someone say "ur makign our ganerashin luk bad!!!!11one" I wonder if folks used to say the same thing about their generations decades ago.

90- agreed. I never even bothered to watch MLP. The only show I'm obsessed with is hetalia, though ;3

Look who's talking i-love-my-little-pony-creeper.

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We are the Harry Potter generation. Don't ever tell us we look bad.

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Or people like this that makes our generation freaking AWESOME.

Unicorntails 7

Or people like this that make our generation freaking AWESOME.

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people like him make our geberation Awesome

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It's people like that that make our generation look GOOD. Dummy. Not dumb bimbos and douchebags who say "YOLO" and "swag".

69% of all people find something dirty in every sentence. :D

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118 - I don't think you caught what #103 was trying to do. They said 69% 69.

I got it.. I just threw in another fake statistic.

Op deserved it for trying to make a free elf work

53% of statistics are made up on the spot

Well looks like someone needs to board the train to grow the **** up vill.

He's referencing the one FML where the mother gave him a sock with goggly eyes.

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That means you can kick him out. He is a free independent elf you know.

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or just let him know that dobby dies in the end!

Oh he'll be back. Those elves are like boomerangs.

It's from Facebook, I read it about two weeks ago.

Really? Stupid facebook and your stupid memes.

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I would have probably laughed along with his joke and then backhanded him to let him know that I still mean business. As long as he lives under your house he is still your bitch. It is your duty to make sure he doesn't forget that.

I certainly wouldn't want to live under a house.

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Sorry, I meant **under your roof.

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The force is strong with this one! ....shit. Wrong storyline