By oldmama728 - 28/04/2011 11:07

Today, I once again told my son he needed a job and a girlfriend because I simply could not keep him in my house anymore. He yelled, "No, I can do whatever I want!" Then went back to playing video games. He's 38. FML
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cradle6 13

Did you ever think about addressing this problem a little earlier?

YDI for letting it get that far. Just throw his stuff out and change the locks. The guy is 38 for ****'s sake.


dude, get some balls, and kick his ass out of there, by physical force if necessary! 38 years old, no gf, and no job? when is the right time? wtf are you waiting for?! hire somebody if you're just gonna keep being a puss about it, Jesus Christ....

That house is a prison! on planet bull shit! in the galaxy of this sucks camel dick!

lol it's your fault for allowing him to live there for so long and not making him get a job and learn to support himself.. haha this reminds me of step brothers :D

47 your name makes you my hero lol that shows amazing

you should tie him to a chair and make him watch as you slowly pour acid on his leg.

A7X_LoVeee 10

76 haha ikr? that is my favorite show! but the second season is already over :( and its gonna take like a year or something to start the next one..

Look at all these retards replying to the first comment to have their comments on top, which aren't even on topic. On Topic: Zezima FTW.

C6Racer 0

MissBunny, as I was reading your comment I was sure it was gonna end with "slowly piss on his leg".

lol. that's so sad it made me laugh. I bet in 2 years he'll be a 40 year old virgin. but his Orc steelaxe doesn't care cuz he has a +5 sword

mexicutioner123 0

my highest is 94 cooking :( ZEZIMA FTW

C6racer: yeah, I threw y'all for a loop didn't I? >:D

iLikeReadingFMLs 2

What a waste of a life. But if he looked for a job, he could probably get one working with a video game company. This way, he can do what he loves and get paid for it.

msbunny looks like kesha, and yes I ment that as a compliment u don't have her white trash theme goin on promise :)

ImaWiseGuy 5

does he have a "step brother" to?

xxxxshanexxxx 0

hes Living the dream right now

57, win. "did you touch my drumset?" "no" "then why are you sweating?" "I was watching Cops" "Now I know you're lying cause Cops doesn't come on til 4!"


no job no responsibilities, sounds like a win to me

skyeyez9 24

It's not a basemet. It's a command just also happens to be where the water tank is located. O.O

enonymous 8

Your voice is like a combination of Fergie and Jesus!

spartanfan68 0

185 your correct it's not a basemet it's a basement

spartanfan68 0

185 your correct it's not a basemet it's a basement

Sounds like he needs to meet someone like me!!

rallets 22

what the hell are you doing?! its Shark Week!!

ImaWiseGuy 5

haha 92, chalk that one up as a win^

I'm gonna go with a wedding crashers comment. MOM, MEATLOAF!!!!

you're liable to compensation then it's rule 5566666 of your states laws

that's just HORSE SHIT on the planet THIS SUCKS CAMEL DICK!!

KennKenn 0

"I have a belly full of shit, now you lay THIS SHIT on me ?!"

every1luvsvag 10
FuniiBunii 0

Sounds like he needs to meet my best friend carrot :D

I can taste it on my tongue.. is that ketchup and onions?

Throw his stuff out the door then change the locks oh but first give him a little warning ;)

Throw his stuff out the door then change the locks oh but first give him a little warning ;)

Throw his stuff out the door then change the locks oh but first give him a little warning ;)

ihatecake 0

please be sarcastic ( hard to read tones over text)

38-year-old virgin.. that would make a shitty sequel.

EmoGiana 0

I think that would actually be amusing.

Today, my Mum told me I needed to get a job and a girlfriend. I realised all I do is play video games. I'm 38. FML

PenguinToucher 0

-139 The whole "Other persons perspective" thing is old and in no way funny. Please cease this activity AT ONCE! *Thumbs self down*

omg. my number just changed. Damn. 145, sorry I was wrong.

littlemissFYL 5
Yeoj 0

108 I think you mean it'd be a shitty prequel!

overthelimit 3

108 - nah wait til hes 50 then you have a sequel

LoveTheObsession 5

I know right. Thats probably gonna be me in 20 years xD

ashleyxoxo2 0

the son is 38 what the hell he shouldd be in his own place

that would not fly in my house he would be gone at 18

o5okitty 3

Better get a good paying job and start saving money (if you aren't already), cause you're going to learn that being out on your own is hard.

Your kid(s) prolly wouldn't want to live with you anyways, seeing that you don't actually want them. js that's kinda opposite the whole point of being a PARENT.

No, my parents had me move out to go to college when I was 18. They didn't let me go to the one by our house. I'm kinda grateful for it - it's been a great experience.

LunaNstars 0

omg he is a total failure! :/ im sorry OP your son has no future

harbqll 0

Congratulations! You created a useless human being! Great parenting. Look on the bright side: my son is going to need low-skilled idiots to hire for manual labor at minimum wage, so thanks for contributing to the labor pool.

spartanfan68 0

129 - your a dick just chill out

the real failure is the mom for not growing a pair and kicking her son out of the house like she should've done 20 years ago.

cldean24 4

129 do you have any accomplishments in your life or do you just use your son's to make yourself look good?

hottyinabag12345 0

129- I'm not going to bitch at you, I enjoyed you comment.

haha awesome! everyone loves video games! xbox FTW!

Before Black Ops guy: Modern Warfare 2 is a good game. N00b: Are you crazy? After Black Ops guy: Modern Warfare 2 is a good game N00b: I agree.

KiddNYC1O 20

Agree with n00b. Anybody want to buy my ps3 copy of black ops? It's starting to pick up dust......

Too bad they dropped the ball on every call of duty past 4. Mw2 had more exploits than a poorly coded sega game. Black ops is hardly different exept for zombies which is always fun.

It'll be picking up even more dust now that the psn got hacked. I used to be neutral before that happened, but now I'm glad I bought a 360 instead.

A7X_LoVeee 10

MW2 is ******* terrible lol. Worst COD IMO.

Have you played the old CODs? They're bad. If you're saying that it's bad compared to the games of it's time that makes sense. But compared to old CODs it's really good.

ps3 - lame wii - gay Xbox is the shit, nuff' said!

Madmattmania 0

360 sucks and all the real hardcore gamers are on xbox cause ps3 players have lives

then suggest he needs a job and a boyfriend. you need to do something about this. sell the game console if you have to.

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Daerauko 0

it's time to stop allowing his problem to persist. make his life hell til he moves out... or just straight up kick him out.

bleepbloopthis 0

well if she payed for the xbox she can sell it if he bought it, it's his property.

Madmattmania 0

Is his name Will Ferrell? Or perhaps John C. Reilly?

haha I was thinking the same thing.. that's an awesome movie!! :)

Tlove951 0

I didn't lay one finger on his drums cause I was busy watching cops. :D

robincakes94 8

lol! That's so funny because I was thinking the same thing

cradle6 13

Did you ever think about addressing this problem a little earlier?