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  Raum  |  19

52, how was she sexist? I have read the original book, and nothing about her character seemed "sexist" to me. And how is she "slutty"? Because she wears a short skirt? Sounds like maybe you're the sexist one here.

  GoW_Chick  |  14

Autocorrect tis an evil mistress, always rude by interrupting, and changing words while you're trying to type.

It can either be helpful, or make your comment unintelligible.

  THE_A_TEEN  |  27

ManlyDunsparce, Yes it is rude you assmunch. A guy went out of his way just to call OP, who is a woman, a pussy just because she cried. It's rude and ass-wipe behavior.

  cheefer  |  0

Chances are they infect people with anger everywhere they go. Were your children crying or did you go alone? Grown people take grown up vacations. Grow up bro.

  bwhahaha_fml  |  10

Op is probably one of those emotional people who will cry when they get to happy. And for the Disney light shows I don't blame her. Those things are epic, awesome, beautiful, amazing etc

  mongoose313  |  2

Because it is really hard to turn auto correct off and possibly learn how to spell the correct words..? But she is a mistress for the laziness of american minds.

  bamagrl410  |  31

It's not about not knowing how to spell. It's more like typing really fast & nor catching the typo in time. Spell check corrects spelling, auto-correct corrects typos. The iPhone has both for a reason - they do different things.

  redmane  |  21

I know this is months later, but 155- it's a stereotype that Americans are lazy. I'm sure people from any other country can be just as lazy. There are some brilliant minds here in the US and worldwide. I'm sick of people automatically thinking Americans are dumb.

  perdix  |  29

You scaredy cat!

Of course, garden gnomes are a different story. When I see one, I pee myself a little. Let's keep that between you and me. ;)